First Things first

Hello, my name is Kari!                                         

It’s great that you’ve found my site. I suppose you are here because you are still looking for the best ways to earn money online. I am here to help you to get your goals and find a genuine and legitimate way to do that. You can do that by building your own affiliate marketing business from scratch with me.                                                                         


Before Getting started…..                                    

I’m quite sure that you’ve stumbled upon all the crab and scams out there and you’re tired of trying and failing. You’re searching for a real and legitimate scheme to begin your online business. Based on my own opinion and hundreds of thousands of others, my honest recommendation  is  WEALTHY AFFILIATE, a comprehensive online training platform where you can get started for FREE without any obligations and without any former experience about online business and Affiliate Marketing.                                                                                  

About Myself                                                            

Before we go further with the real Online Marketing stuff,  few words about myself. I’m a Finnish Affiliate Marketer of  my 60’s and I’ve  started my online business about 3 years ago. I tried many online schemes of “make money online” and got scammed as many times as I  tried. I learned that there isn’t any real and legit scheme to make you a millionaire overnight.                                                                                                                                                 

When I visited the online business forum called Quora, I got connected with affiliate marketers which worked and made money at Wealthy  Affiliate platform. I found it worthy to try according to those conversations at Quora. So I gave me a try and that is something I have not  regretted.                                                                                                                                  

 Wealthy Affiliate did all the things so that they had promised and I slowly built up my strong foundation in affiliate marketing by  just following WA’s step-by-step training. While working at Wealthy Affiliate I’ve made a research and reviewed many online business  schemes to compare.  I am fully convinced that WA is the best possible place to start affiliate  marketing and go forward into a  professional entrepreneur.   

After a few months at wealthy Affiliate, I made my first commissions through WA’s own affiliate program. The first commission was $8 and I was very proud of it. I got more skilled following the training and by the co-operation with the great communities members. I started to get regular commissions  from WA and other affiliate programs by promoting their products on my website. After a year from starting at WA my regular earnings increased so that I was able to leave my own job and “fire my boss”.   









Step 1: Choose An Interest Or Passion: Make Your Hobby A Moneymaker

The interest, in this case, will be the topic of your website. The website can be anything in the world but you need to have some knowledge about it and have experiences about which you can write articles and offer value for your visitors. Don’t be afraid. It isn’t so complicated. You can get a lot of specific guidance from the training of Wealthy Affiliate. 

Step 2: Build A Niche Based Website

After you’ve chosen your niche= “concentrating all marketing efforts on a small but specific and well-defined segment of the population”, you will set up a website relevant to the niche chosen. Let me explain the philosophy of the niche more detailed. You are fond of golf and you’re planning to promote golf equipment on your website. One possible niche is to promote golf equipment for golfers around the world.
You know for sure that this kind of niche is very large with millions of competitors. If you choose a niche “golf balls for retirees in Seattle”, you focus your niche into a far more smaller target group which is still large enough for a successful online business because the competition isn’t so hard.
Building a website is very fast and easy with modern equipment. You can set up a professional website without knowing a single code. In fact, Wealthy Affiliate’s automated website builder set up 2 Free websites in few minutes by just clicking a few buttons.


Step 3: Get Rankings & Visitors To Your Website

Although you create a high-class website and people don’t visit on your site, the whole thing is useless. The next step you will learn from WA’s training is how to get visitors= traffic. One of the most used methods of getting free traffic is to get your site ranked in Google and other search engines and let them send you free traffic. This method is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The idea of SEO is to find keywords which are most popular and less competed in Search Engines.

WA SEO training

There are also many other free and paid methods to get traffic like Social Media Marketing, Guest Blogging, Paid Advertising, Forum Marketing, Email Marketing etc. You don’t need to master all of them, you can make money when you manage the proper use of SEO.  

All these methods will be properly guided in Wealthy Affiliate.


Step 4: Earn Revenue By promoting Products Your Audience Need

Lastly comes the core of your online business. You have to sell products or services through your website. When you’ve gotten a steady and high traffic level, it’s time for monetizing your blog and your affiliate marketing business. Don’t rush into “heavy selling” too early but build your trust and authority first. Create more interesting, helpful quality content and offer free gifts, such as affiliate training courses and the like. Sift your message gradually through email marketing to promoting products and services you know your audience is looking for. After that, your affiliate business is more about scaling and alignment. 

For example, you can make money simply by linking your visitors to the product you recommend on Amazon product’s site or other affiliate program platforms. The commission process goes so that when people purchase anything on Amazon or other platforms through your link, you earn commission from them, but all the transactions needed to take place on Amazon and other online stores. Those transactions aren’t any of your business, you just promote and gather the earnings.

WA commission stats


Summary Of The 4 Steps

Affiliate Marketing is a useful tool to monetize your blog. Affiliate Marketing is a kind of performance-based marketing and actually, it’s one of the most effective ways how to earn money blogging. You can write blogs as usually about your subject and find relevant affiliate products to promote within your content.
You can also write reviews of relevant products and services on your blog. There are numerous affiliate programs out there and millions of products and services to promote on your blog. You can find a product for any possible niche out there. It’s free to join affiliate programs and affiliate marketing is an easy and straightforward way to monetize your blog with affiliate links and banners.

Affiliate Marketing is a business model of making money by selling other people’s products or services. You get paid by helping your audience solve their problems without producing any real products and involving in any real transactions. Why I am happy with Affiliate Marketing and why I recommend it for You? 

I will show you the Top 8 Benefits which I think are the outstanding reasons why I’m working within the industry and why you should do the same.

8 TOP Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

 1. Easy-To-Start & Cheap

 2. Turn Your Passion Into Business

 3. No Product Creation & Manufacture

 4. No Shipping & Customer Service

 5. Fully Flexible Working Schedule

 6. Work From Anywhere In The World

 7. No Personal Sales Work

 8. No Advanced Skills Needed & Free To Get Started



Wealthy Affiliate is famous for it’s comprehensive and efficient training courses. WA has lots of offer to its members and I’m going to introduce just the most important benefits for you.  Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate training platform which has all the needed affiliate tools and a top-class training under the same roof. The training courses are easy-to-follow and are moving forward step-by-step. You can really start from scratch without any earlier experience or any special advanced skills. Wealthy Affiliate is both a platform and a community to help people to make serious money with the form of affiliate marketing.  

Let me give you an example. WA include in addition to training courses a website builder, site hosting&online security, a keyword research tool, a domain name platform, 24/7 help&support and many other tools.  Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership that include all the possible tools and training is $49 per month, and the daily cost is $1.6 like a cup of coffee. 

You can’t find out there any other platform offering such a package to that price. In general, you need to buy a hosting, a keyword research tool, a website building etc from 3rd party tools providers  to get started. And the price will be multiple.

The Top 5 Benefits For You:



 1.  All Tools Under The Same Roof

 2.  Easy-To-Use Tools & Top-Class Training

 3.  24/7/365 Help & Support

 4.  Engaging & Inspiring Community

 5. My Personal Assistance Unlimited



Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories:



“Will I be able to make this work at wealthy Affiliate?”

“I’m not as diligent as these successful people. I’m too impatient. I’m not talented enough. I can’t come up with a good enough idea. My content isn’t good enough. I don’t know how to network. Waa waaa waaah.”

But in 2017, my company, recorded $1,067,286.00 US dollars in revenue.

So if I was able to get over my doubts, and learn how to build a business, and in five years be able to say, hey, I have a 7 figure business, then so can you.

Jerry Huang, Founder of Smart Affiliate Success

Jerry Huang


Achievements in June 2018

In June, I managed to hit $2.5K in total commission . With hard work, I set a new personal record in July 2018:

  • WA Commission: $2,688.50
  • Total Commission (plus other affiliate programs): $3,282.51
  • Number of posts published: 33
  • Total number of posts on my site: 185
  • New Premium Referrals: 57
  • Free Starter Referrals: 472
  • Conversion rate around 12.1%
  • Last day of July I hit 28 Free Starter Referrals in one day (highest so far)


I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2010 – a full eight years, and still counting. I make a full time income online, and have done so for quite some time.

So why am I still a premium member here?

Don’t I know everything I need to know? Read more…

Can someone make a full time income promoting WA? You bet they can!

Read more…


VitalyG’s Affiliate income 2017

wa income proof

The members of Wealthy Affiliate has been very successful.  This fact is a proof about  this platform offers such a framework for affiliate marketers that there are great opportunities for everyone to succeed. Next, you will see a screenshot of the success stories which many WA members have done in their own  affiliate businesses.



Your Next Steps To Get Started

If you’re interested in Affiliate Marketing, the business model that is generating a 4-Figure monthly passive income for me, a 64-year-old retiree, my recommendation for you is to give Wealthy Affiliate a shot.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place where I made the foundations for successful affiliate marketing. And the great journey is still going on. Following are the most important things I’ve learned to make a full-time income:

– I learned how to build websites without any programming knowledge
– I learned how to define my niche
– I learned how to drive Free Targeted traffic from Google
– I also learned how to choose and promote affiliate products to earn passive income online while I sleep and travel!

Now, I have 2 Tasks for you:

1. Create A FREE Account at Wealthy Affiliate

Just click on the button below, create a Free account with Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll be on the other side to guide you.


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I look forward to meeting You at WEALTHY AFFILIATE soon.