ClickBank is one of the most popular Affiliate Networks out there. It’s a secure digital online marketplace for affiliate marketers and vendors to trade online digital products. Vendors are in need of market for their products and they are connected with affiliates who are searching products to sell. ClickBank is a platform that gives to both of them a chance to generate a revenue.  ClickBank’s reputation has suffered unnecessarily due to a few fake products. In my own experience, CB is a  marketplace better than you thought.​






ClickBank is an easy-to-start marketplace especially for all those who’re wondering how to start in online business and anyone interested in a work from home job. It’s quick and simple registration has also made it grow rapidly. In 2018 ClickBank has been 20 years on the market and has over 1,500,000 affiliate marketers and 50,000 transactions per day.   ​GO STRAIGHT TO REGISTRATION HERE



You can start promoting ClickBank products  with the items you’re familiar with. That’s crucial because when you know well what you’re promoting, you can insure your customers, your buyers more easily. For example if you’re interested in finance, you could promote financial products like Forex or Day Trading Products. Those products actually converts really well.


ClickBank has a lot of various product groups you can choose from. When you choose a product to promote, you get a HopLink Target URL through which you get paid for every sales you’ve made.



a marketplace better than you thought



What you need for achieving a real success in the online business is that you have a website where buyers can find you, and you can carry the message to them about the products you’re promoting. Through your affiliate link(HopLink) you then can get commissions. If you’re new in the online business , you maybe need support and training about how to start in online business. I highly recommend an online business training platform that I’m familiar with. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and you can get further information about it reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review. When you learn the basics in online marketing, you can more easily join and promote at any affiliate program such as  ClickBank.






ClickBank offers big commissions


Most vendors offer commissions between 50-75% conversion rate. There are also many recurring offers, which means that you can earn each month from the same sale until the customer cancel the rebill.



Always paid on time

I haven’t ever heard any affiliate having their payment missed. CB has paid all commissions correctly and on time. Among some smaller affiliate networks there could be problems whether you will get paid at all or the payment has delayed.



​ClickBank sign-up process is quick and simple

There’s no approval needed to create you own account. Just click “Create an account” and follow the instructions and fill the needed fields. After that your account is ready and available to use for both promoting products as an affiliate or selling products as a vendor.



​ClickBank’s refund policy is a great feature

All vendors must offer a 60 days money back quarantee on any product they sell and this refund must be offered ” no questions asked”





Crab products


There are some crap products on ClickBank. In fact most of them are existed several years and the problem is that ClickBank hasn’t a way to really inform when the product is released. You have to check out carefully the gravity metrics of the product. It tells how many affiliates has made commissions lately. The higher the gravity, the better the product converts. Choose products with gravity +50 or more.

While the ClickBank itself is very legit, you need to careful of the products you buy there. When people are talking about CB’s scams, they are talking about products that seem to be good in all aspects; promo’s, sales pages,testimonials etc but but the products really are proven to be a total scam. ClickBank’s Refund Policy absolutely protect you to a large extent, but be aware and make a proper product research.


Hard competition

At CB’s marketplace you have to compete against a lot of other affiliates. Competitors who has maybe more experience and resources. Don’t give up too easily and don’t be afraid of the competition. When you find from gravity score metric that other people are selling the offer very well, there isn’t any barrier to stop you either. Make your marketing smarter, “get out of the box”, be creative and the success will come.




ClickBank is a well-functioning platform and the company itself is legitimate. It’s a great marketplace for affiliates and vendors who are interested to buy and promote digital products online. There are many amazing success stories among ClickBank user’s. However one thing to remember, you have  to be aware of the crab products. ClickBank’s marketplace functionality is quite simple and clear and that’s why it’s as suitable also for beginner’s as for more advanced affiliates or vendors. ClickBank as many other affiliate programs is free of charge and that’s a great advance for all people who are running an online business.






My opinion about ClickBank is that a platform like it  goes ahead and evolves​. Digital information products that can be bought and sold on the internet is only going to grow. ClickBank offers a highly robust payment processing system, great service, and fast access to the products you buy and a vast range of products for affiliates to promote. I think also that the company’s management takes a stricter position for scams and removes them in the future quickly from the system​​.  All in all ClickBank is a marketplace better than you thought.


VERDICT: Legitimate


Thanks for reading my review on ClickBank. Feel free to leave your opinion and feedback in the comment box.