There are a lot of ways about how to make money online; completing tasks, making surveys, test websites, sell items on online marketplaces, work as freelancer article writer. You just name it! But telling the truth, those online jobs mentioned above doesn’t bring you a fortune.  I’m going to explain to you what is the easiest, cheapest and most successful way to succeed online.




Nowadays people want free methods to become a millionaire overnight. This is an impossible equation. There aren’t such a programs over there, or more precisely there are, but all them turns out to be a scam.  If you want a good price-quality relation with the method to start the online business with, I suggest starting your online business with your own niche website. I’ve experiences about how to make money online creating a niche website and making money by promoting products and services on my site and getting commissions through links and banners. This money making method is also called as an affiliate marketing.  I can also assure you that the program Wealthy Affiliate I work for is legal.


about how to make money onlne


One definition of niche is that it means concentrating all marketing efforts on a small but specific and well-defined segment of the population. There are millions and millions of people using the internet and if you concentrate only on small part of them, you still have visitors enough to your website for making good money with your online business. Here’s a good summary how to find ideas for your niche from surroundings.

The niche, the target group is the foundation for your online business. The most important thing is that you are really interested in all the issues considering the niche and you’re eager to write blog posts about those things and give your site’s visitors information that they need, and thus affect their purchasing decisions.



After choosing your niche the next step is to set up your website. At the platform, I’m working there are two ways to start. You can either buy your own domain name, for example,,, etc, or you can start with a free site Rubix website. You can learn more precisely about setting up your website through the following video lesson.


setting up your website





It’s just wasting the time to study yourself the secrets of online marketing unless you are not familiar with those things deeper. You get easily stuck in things and you don’t get any results and you get frustrated and easily quit off. The best solution is to take part in online business training that is easy to follow and sufficiently comprehensive. I’ve experienced that kind of training and I highly recommend it. Here’s a picture of the structure of training.  I tell you later how to join.


how to make money at home         how to make money at home




Now your site is set up and it’s ready for the worldwide internet audience. You’re ready to begin perhaps the most time-consuming but maybe the most rewarding part of your online business. Creating content on your site. The content you produce has to be relevant to your niche but also interesting and engaging to build and attract your audience, your readers. You must take attention that your site content is search- engine friendly, use of suitable keywords, use quality content itself, much not many links or ads. It’s not so complicated as it may sound at first. Here’s a link to a video lesson. Create Readable Content That Converts



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The main target as an online marketer is to focus on getting actual people =TRAFFIC to your website. Without visitors, you have nobody to sell or advertise to. This is very crucial to your business. Attracting visitors with your content is the key for massive traffic.  There’s also the possibility to use so called ‘paid traffic’ but I prefer the natural and free traffic through your blogging. In a long run, it’s much more reliable and profitable way. You can learn more from creating traffic to your website here >  THE TRAFFIC BREAKDOWN



In my blog,  Getting Started The Affiliate Marketing I’ve described affiliate programs as follow:

”Most affiliate programs are free to join and you can start your promotion at once. Some of them need a little more experience or more exact said earlier leads and sales. But there’s thousands and thousands of affiliate programs out there, and you surely find those which interest you. The commissions vary from 5% to 75% of the product price. Of course, you earn more, when the product’s price and the commission are high. But how the product converts, that means what is the percentage which leads to the sale. is the most important issue. Some of the most popular affiliate programs are Amazon, Share A Sale. CJ (Commission Junction) ClickBank, Wealthy Affiliate and so on.”

Although there are numerous affiliate programs out there, there are also a lot of scams. Be aware of them and make sure that the program you join is a legit one.



I’ve tried to describe the most crucial things about how to make money online as an online marketer or affiliate marketer. All examples I’ve used are from Wealthy Affiliate University, the most popular online business training platform online. Wealthy Affiliate is My #1 recommendation to start your affiliate marketing

If you’re interested and want to know more and join, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review   It’s a place where you’ll learn the secrets of the affiliate marketing step by step from beginner to professional.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post. I wish you can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it.  If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.  I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can. If you wish you can also visit my profile and send me a private message.