affiliate marketing for beginners

 Affiliate marketing for beginners is not nearly as difficult as it is supposed to be. In this article I will clarify it further.

Starting an affiliate marketing business is a tough thing for everyone, especially if you’re a newbie who hasn’t any earlier experience of it. In general, when it comes to affiliate marketing or online business, it is often said that only a few percents of people are successful with their endeavors. This does not encourage people to start, but many leave the idea for the sake of the poor probability of success, without trying. 

There are a few important issues you must to know which make it much easier to accomplish. Do not believe in such schemes online that promise you to be a millionaire overnight. They are always scams, there doesn’t exist such a scheme. Invest high-class products when we ‘re talking about the basic affiliate tools needed in your business and the training to go forward. Do not start your affiliate business all alone. Search for such platforms and communities where members are helpful and supportive.

In this article, I will walk you through how to do the most important things at the beginning of your online trip in order to avoid the general problems and to create a steady foundation for a successful affiliate business.

What Is Affiliate Marketing About?

At first,  what is affiliate marketing exactly?

Affiliate marketing is promoting other companies products and services through affiliate links on your website, creating content which attracts visitors so that they can make a purchase decision. When they make a purchase through your site, you earn a commission (a certain percentage of the price) from it.


That’s affiliate marketing in short.  What you need to begin as an affiliate are a business idea( an interest of yours about which you can write blog posts or reviews) a laptop and an internet connection. That’s all for the beginning.


The 8 Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to start an online business because it has many benefits in comparison to other online business methods.  In the infographic below you can see the 8 benefits of affiliate marketing for beginners.

top 8 benefits of affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, your website and your content (blogs, articles, reviews) are your marketing tools. You don’t need to produce products of your own. No worries about shipping&customer; service or personal sales work. The companies which products you promote are totally responsible for all that stuff. You can plan your working hours and you can work from anywhere you wish. Sounds good?


Which Are The Next Crucial Steps To Go?


In addition to your business idea, laptop, and Internet connection there are some basic affiliate tools which you need to complete a confidant affiliate business. Your most important tool will be your own website. You have to set up it with a website builder.  You need also a web hosting to keep your site up and running and updated regularly. You need a domain name for your website. Domain name is a kind of business card for your online business.

content writing



Content writing in affiliate marketing is the most important thing. I try to describe the importance of it more sensible way. You’ve got a business idea that is one of your passions, for instance playing video games. That’s the theme of your writing. One natural way of writing about video games is to write video game reviews. The specifications and the pros and cons of different video games. As you love video games it’s surely quite easy to tell about them.

The goal for your writing is the high-quality. Your reviews and other articles are captivating, informative and helpful to your visitors. That’s the core issue to attract your site visitors coming back to your site again and again.

It takes some time to become a good writer if you haven’t earlier experiences of it, but you learn the tricks for sure. Be yourself, write personal, fresh content, be conversational and interactive. With those things, you can go a long way forward with your writing.

When your visitors find out that you really want to help them and solve their problems, they start to trust you. After that, it’s better chances to present recommendations = sell your products or services.



You have to choose a niche, a targeted slice of the video game market that is going to be your exact target audience. Your goal is to find a small but profitable own segment without any hard competition.

After that, through targeted keywords according to your chosen niche, you can start driving traffic on your website. The method for that is called Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Keyword research and SEO is you real tools getting traffic enough for a profitable affiliate business. All this natural traffic by keyword research and SEO is FREE TRAFFIC and it’s a great advantage for affiliate marketers.

You can use also paid traffic to increase your site traffic, leads, and sales. When your natural traffic isn’t yet high, mixed with paid traffic it will give you better opportunities for successful business of yours. Paid traffic is coming from various sources, PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mile) are the most popular. More about Paid Traffic.


There is no hurry joining Affiliate Programs before you have traffic enough for leveraging the affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs are free to join and you can find two kinds of programs. Affiliate networks which are platforms offering a framework for merchants and affiliates to find one another and operate together. Merchants offer their products for promoting and affiliates are trying to find the best programs to join. Examples of affiliate networks are Rakuten, CJ, and ClickBank.

The second type of affiliate programs is Independent Affiliate Programs. In addition to their own affiliate programs, they have various affiliate tools and services to help you start and carry on your affiliate business. Often these programs include also a step by step training courses suitable for beginners.



Choose Top-Class Affiliate Training Platform

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that it’s beneficial to invest high-class affiliate tools and affiliate business training.  Also, there is no use to struggle on your own when learning the affiliate marketing. That’s why you must do some research to find affiliate platforms which meet the high standards.

I show you a few crucial things to take attention when you’re choosing a proper affiliate platform to start your affiliate business. Make sure that the platform includes at least the following features:

features of proper affiliate platforms

The Internet is full of scam schemes, and you have to be aware of those. This needs also a lot of research and conversation with your fellow entrepreneurs. One great tip is joining to free trials of affiliate platforms. In general, those schemes that offer free trials are also real and legitimate. Then you can check out what the scheme or platform is all about, and if you get suspicious, you can quit without losing your money.

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In this article, I walked you through the main issues of affiliate marketing. My main goal was to  give helpful information about affiliate marketing for beginners. I did not declare the issues simply enough in a step-by-step way because it is very hard to do in one article. But no worries, when you find a suitable affiliate platform and affiliate business training courses you will be explained all the steps from scratch to a professional level in appropriate dosages and in sufficient detail.  Most importantly, you are then on your path to the stars as an affiliate marketer.

That’s all this time. I hope you’ve gotten some new ideas on how to get started Affiliate Marketing and find out relevant tools and platforms. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.