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Welcome to my Affiliate Marketing Mastery ReviewIs It Worth The Price?

It’s great that you’re interested in finding out more facts about the products online. Researching through reviews and different blogging or affiliate forums is a great way to prevent being scammed online and find a legitimate way to earn money online. It’s also an advantage if you prefer those programs online which has a free trial. Then you can actually make a reliable estimate of whether the product is legitimate or not.

Stefan James Pylarinos promotes his program as one that allows you to make 7- figure earnings from scratch through his Affiliate Marketing Mastery course. So do many other programs online. What’s the truth is clear after reading this review.


Affiliate Marketing Mastery


Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a comprehensive affiliate training course for beginners and can help them on the right track but without real affiliate tools, the price is far too expensive. You can find programs with equal training (or better) which include also the needed affiliate tools such as website building, hosting, website security, domain name platform, 24/7/365 support much cheaper price ($49/month)

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What Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery (AMM) was created by Stefan James Pylarinos in 2016. Pylarinos is a famous online marketer who has a huge reputation online. He has created many high-quality online products such as K Money Mastery.

Affiliate marketing mastery is an affiliate training course that teaches step-by-step how to build your affiliate business, your brand, into a money making system. AMM includes 7 training modules, 70 video tutorials, and training with downloadable PDF’s, private Facebook group. When joining you get also extra free bonuses such as 90-day email coaching program and weekly training webinars.


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What Affiliate Marketing Mastery Offers?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery affiliate training proceeds from the basics to more advanced affiliate skills. The 7 Training Modules are the following:

AMM Module 1


Module 1: Strategy & Mindset

This module is about creating a solid foundation for your business. It introduces how the Affiliate Marketing Mastery training works, what to expect and how to leverage the best way the training. There are lessons about:
– The Mastery Mentality
– Affiliate Marketing Mastery Success Principles
– Goal Setting Workshop


AMM Module2

Module 2: Niche Selection

This module is all about to find a profitable niche around which you can build your affiliate marketing business. The module is concentrating to ensure that the niche you’ve chosen matches with your passions and is potential for making money. There are lessons about:

– Finding Profitable Niches
– Finding Profitable Digital Product Niches
– Finding Physical Product Niches
– Introduction to Keyword Research
– Choosing Your Niche
– 7 Affiliate Networks For Finding Products To Sell


AMM Module 3

Module 3: Creating Your Online Brand And Presence

In this module teach you how to get a competitive advantage with creating your brand and presence. You get also guiding how to set up and optimize your marketing channels the right way. There are lessons about:

– Your marketing channels
– Choosing Your Brand Name
– Setting Up Your Domain Name And Hosting
– How To Set Up Your WordPress Blog
– 10 Essential WordPress Plugins
– WordPress Themes And Your Blog Design
– Introduction To Search Engine Optimization
–  Social Media Set-Ups

AMM Module 4

Module 4: Quality Content Creation

This module teaches you how to create quality blog content. With quality content, you’re able to get website traffic, create trust and authority within your target group and “pre-sell” through your blogging. There are lessons such as:

– Content Creation Strategies
– Creating Quality Content
– Creating Blog Articles:
– Creating YouTube Videos:
– Creating Social Media Content
– 7 Laws Of Successful Content Creation


AMM Module 5

Module 5: Marketing Strategies

This section is about how to get traffic, visitors, follower and subscribes.

Learn the best marketing strategies used to build a massive e-mail list and a loyal following. There are lessons such as:

– Blog Promotion & Marketing
– Social media promotion and marketing strategies
– How To Create A Squeeze Page To Build An E-Mail List
– How To Create An E-mail List & Integrate With Your Squeeze Page
– Kindle Promotion & Marketing Strategies



AMM Module 6

Module 6: Earning Revenue & Monetizing Your Traffic

This module is maybe the most important stage. It teaches you how to monetize your brand, traffic, visitors, followers, and subscribers. Different strategies on how to make money with affiliate marketing. There are lessons such as:

– 10 Laws Of Successful Selling & Marketing
– Finding Affiliate Programs & Products To Promote
– Cloaking Your Affiliate Links
– How To Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing
– How to Monetize Your Social media Accounts With Affiliate marketing


AMM Module 7

Module 7: Performance And Analytics

Module 7 focuses on analytics, tracking, split testing and continuously optimizing for better results.   There are lessons such as:

– Why Am I Not Making Money?
– Setting Up & Analyzing Google Analytics
– How To Analyze E-mail Analytics
– How To Survey Your Subscribers
– Split Testing & Optimization
– 7 Keys To Long-Term Success

Who Is Affiliate Marketing Mystery For?

Affiliate marketing Mastery is a versatile affiliate marketing course that can benefit both beginners and more advanced marketers. The course suits everyone who is looking for ways to build a successful online business. It’s easy to understand a step-by-step course so that beginners can get out of it quite well. If you’ve been in affiliate business for a while and still struggling to make good money, this course may open your eyes and give you tips to concentrate on the right things. But is it worth the price?

The Good & The Bad



Affiliate marketing Mastery includes 7 training modules, 70 video tutorials, and a private Facebook group. What is significant is the fact that the content is of a higher quality than most similar training programs and explains how to manage the most crucial issues of affiliate marketing and create a successful online business.


The fact that this course offers free videos for exploration into the training module before joining, shows that the program is on an honest basis. The content isn’t any hype promises to get rich overnight but a comprehensive package of useful affiliate marketing training. The owner has also a good reputation as a successful online marketer and it’s a thing to give more confidence to the program.


If you aren’t satisfied with the program, you can get your money back when you ask it within 30 days.




In my opinion, the charge of $1997 is overpriced although the training course itself is very good. I think that many of you consider it too expensive. Affiliate Marketing Mastery has its own affiliate program through which is possible to compensate the price. Joining the affiliate program is free but only those who have evidence of previous sales or large enough traffic on the website may be involved .My #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate  has free starter membership and if you are satisfied with the program after that and want to have a full access, the monthly price is $49. It’s far more cheaper that the one of AMM’s.


Affiliate Marketing Mastery doesn’t include affiliate tools needed to start your affiliate marketing business, what you get is only the training course. However, your affiliate business needs a domain name, a website builder, a web hosting & security and a keyword research tool among others.

You need to buy those from 3rd party tools providers to get started. It means more money to invest.  If your choice is a platform which has all the needed tools under one roof such as Wealthy Affiliate, there’s no need to pay any extra costs.

Tools & Support

As mentioned before Affiliate Marketing Mastery hasn’t any other tools, nothing but the training course.

You can get support for building your affiliate business through their Facebook group. There’s a quite active community to ask questions and make conversations with. You can also contact the support team of their website and also contact directly the owner. Getting answers happens in a decent time period.


My Final Opinion

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a comprehensive and top-class affiliate training course. Definitely, it isn’t a scam. The course is aimed at affiliate marketers and focuses on essential issues and bits of advice that enable successful online business. The system of making money described in this course is approved in the affiliate marketing industry.

The lacks of this affiliate training course are the overpricing and the shortage of the affiliate tools needed to carry on the business.  Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery worth the price? No, it is not. You can find affordable affiliate platforms out there which include also all the needed affiliate tools. If you’re interested in to get more information about that you can read about 4 Steps For Making Money With Affiliate Marketing. You can also join the free trial of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the link below.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review. I wish you can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.