Many of us who have planned to make their own homepage have abandoned their plans because people think it requires a lot of technical know-how such as programming skills, website designing knowledge and others. Can you find an easy what is a website builderway to set up a website?

I want to show you how easy the installation of the website really is. There is a video tutorial that describes inside out the whole process. I cover also the website design and how to do it quickly and easily.

There are a lot of so called website builders for setting up a website. I introduce few options which are ranked among the best on the market.

Your personal needs for usage determine what kind of builder is best for you. Hope these examples I give you will ease you decision-making.


What is a website builder?


Website builders are an excellent answer for those who are going to start a website without hiring a website developer. For instance small business owners. Modern website builders are good enough to meet the needs of small business owners.


If you consider the prices, a professional website developer’s price can be $2000 when the website builder cost will remain the tenth part of it in yearly level.


What is a website builder? Wikipedia’s definition is as follows:

”website builders are tools that allow the construction of website without manual code editing”.

In other words website builders are automated tools, or programs that help you build you website without to know any code.


WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) is the software of website builders that allows you to drag and drop design elements and let also those with zero coding skills to build a perfect website.


How to find a suitable website builder?


Before you make the decision what is you website builder, you have to think about what you want to do with you website. What features themes, frameworks you like. Do you need for instance a blog section, sliders, online store, contact form and other like those.


If you are not quite sure, make research on other websites such as authority websites in particular niches, possible competitor’s of yours, and other popular, top websites. So you can get great inspiration what you want you website look like.


There are a lot of websites builder reviews out there. You can read them and make evaluation and comparison to find the best website builders for you needs. I have chosen three website builders to view and tried to make the most impartial evaluation of them. These three have been among the best-ranked website builders in many reviews. I hope this could facilitate and speed up you solutions to find aa easy way to set up a website.


The best website builders for search


I have chosen three website builders to view and tried to make the most impartial evaluation of them. These three have been among the best-ranked website builders in many reviews. I hope this could facilitate and speed up your solutions. The website builders I’m going to introduce are Wix, Site Builder, and Wix and Site Builder are cloud-based platforms and is a CMS (Content Management System). In short Wix and Site Builder are fully hosted website builders and includes the website hosting, and is CMS builder which means that you have to install the hosting yourself, create a hosting account.


The difference between those two systems is that CMS (WordPress) requires more effort for updates and other settings and more advanced skills to build the website. Hosted websites (Wix and Site Builder) which include hosting are more convenient and user-friendly. On the other hand, CMS(WordPress) builders have more control over the website and more capability and extension for different website options. Hosted websites have less control and capability but they are more convenient and easy-to-use. When choosing a website builder it’s always a question of control and convenience.


Your needs for you websites determine what is best for you. If you need only a simple, quick, and basic website builder, your choice is Wix or Site Builder. If you need more control and you have to take attention you growth options you have to make sure that you choose a website builder which is capable of handling your needs as your business grows.


These views aren’t any deeper reviews, but only to point out the most important pros and cons. All these website builders have a free trial account where you can test the functionality of each of them. You can receive more detailed information from official websites and reviews online.




  • fully hosted website builder with easy-to-build and easy-to-use construction
  • a comprehensive set of features
  • hundreds of templates for web design
  • a lot of free apps for your site
  • free plan with limited bandwidth and storage to test the website builder
  • ADI questionnaire to define your basic needs for your website
  • free trial account


free plans will show ads on your website
WIX website builder plans and prices:

Connect: $5

Combo: $10

eCommerce : $17

VIP:  $25

Visit the official website




  • an all-in-one platform including hosting, domain name, email address for your domain
  • a large variety of website templates for websites
  • no concern for hosting, speed, and security
  • Site Builder run their software on liable servers (Google&Amazon;)
  • eCommerce plan to sell your products online
  • free trial account



free plans will show ads on your site
Site Builder plans and prices:

Pro: $7.68

Premium: $11.98

eCommerce: $18.45


Visit the official website:





self-hosted CMS  website builder
free and open source
can build any kind of websites
great page builders l(Beaver Builder, Elementor)
access to 50000 free WordPress plugins
max control over your site compared with other website builders
great scalability and chances for an extension
free trial account


need a hosting account and to host your own website (easier than you think)
need more  familiarizing of the system
need more efforts for beginners
Site builder plans and prices:

Personal: $4

Premium: $8

Business: $25

Visit the official website: WordPress


I’m a WordPress user and I know it’s functionality better than Wix and Site Builder. That’s why I use WordPress in my examples. Setting up a website is quite easy to accomplish in every website builder shown.  Watch the video that describes how to build a WordPress website.


Wealthy Affiliate video leson


WordPress website builder includes thousands of free themes to install on your site. Selecting a proper theme is important. It should be the one that suits the purpose of your site and for your target group. The structure of your site should be easy to navigate and use for visitors and should be easily customized

Selecting a theme is important. It’s significant how the webpage looks like. It should be the one that suits the purpose of your page. the structure of the website should be easy-to-use for visitors and easy to customize according to your preferences and needs.

Here is an online training lesson about how to install WordPress theme on your site. How to add a new theme?


WordPress Themes





When choosing a website builder, putting efforts on it is profit-making. The baseline is being composed of your needs for a website and the future outlook of your site.  Whether your website usage is occasional or regular, do you need a lot of different features and plugins. It’s also important if your website is a kind of professional one, for instance, a tool for your online business. In such an occasion, you have to provide for the extension of your site and for comprehensive scalability.


The website builders on display are suitable for both modest and professional use. You can choose from different user plans the one which compounds best for your needs. in my opinion, Wix and WordPress are best suited to more demanding work and Site Builder for such use that is more limited and there are no major changes to be seen.


If the situation is such that it is difficult to evaluate future user needs, I would like WordPress as the best option. It allows almost all kinds of changes like extensions, adaptation, and scalability.


It’s hard to find the best website builders in general, it’s easier to find the best option for just your own needs. When you can do it without website designers you can save a lot of your money. All the website builders we have dealt with offers some kind of free trial. It’s your privilege to take advantage of those trials. Seeing the website builders in practice may give you new aspects of your decision.


I recommend you to check out one more free trial opportunity how setting up a website for free. You can join a Free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate online training platform. You get 2 siterubix websites in use including hosting and other supportive tools. You have also the possibility to go through 10 lessons of 2 training programs and get step-to-step guiding how to set-up and customize your WordPress website. You can use your free trial how long you wish.


I hope your’ve enjoyed reading my blog post. I wish your can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If your have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give your any assistant or help in any way I can.