Each of us dreams about how to start an online business for free and get rich quickly. This equation is not real. Offers that promise fast enrichment by doing an hour’s work a day are just a scam.start-your-online-business-for-free Never grab these traps. But are there really options to start a successful online business for free. Yes, there really are! I’ll describe you the best practices to start your online business for free in this article.




There are plenty of different programs and applications on the web which allows you to earn money for free. The following examples are such as you can do without your own website. Usually, these are the kind of pages that offer a variety of small tasks online. Such as online surveys, paid to search on the web, paid to review music, videos, websites, and apps.


In my opinion, all these types of online tasks are those which takes a lot of time and are paid poorly. These can be considered more as an entertainment than a real earning possibilities. If you really want to succeed online and make more than coins, you have to set up your own website and leverage the opportunities that the website can offer.




If you are planning to improve your chances of earning more money online, you need your own website. Setting up a website is now easy thanks to the automated website builders. Watch the following video how you can create your own website in few minutes.


how to make money with a website


On the market, you can find platforms that allow you set up your website for free. Some of them require you to pay for the web hosting though. When you have your own website you have a lot of different opportunities to make money online.


Blogging is one quite easy way to earn online revenue. You can start writing blog posts of things you are interested in. They can be your hobbies, passions, or things you know a lot about. It takes some time and a number of blogs before you get the readers really interested and trust in what you are writing. But it is really possible.


Many people think that writing blog content needs special writing skills such as reporters or established authors. This is not the case. When you find  your interest and find out what people want to know and get answers on this topic, you just need to write casual text and help people to get what they are searching for.


When you get known what people are looking for you search and use relevant keywords on your blogs and get ranked high on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. After that, you get so much natural traffic that you can make revenue by inserting ads on your site and get paid for it. Read my article  What Is The Seo Optimization?

You can also become a freelance writer an get paid for your articles or you can join Fiverr world’s largest marketplace where people sell small services to make money. You can offer writing services for bloggers.


Affiliate marketing is based on writing blogs as described above. However, there are much higher earning goals than ordinary blogging. Still, the focus is to write about your interests, but at the same time look for products and manufacturers among this interest area and to start promoting products on your blogs and earning revenue from it. I give you an example straight away in the next section. Affiliate marketing can be started for free at some platforms out there.



Here is an example of what affiliate marketing is in practice:

You are running and it is your passion. You know a lot of running and you have the experience of using different equipment and their functionality. Running Shoes, Sportswear, Heart Rate Monitors, Different Tracking Applications. You write blogs on these topics and then look for a suitable manufacturer and make an affiliate contract with the manufacturer. You will receive affiliate links and banners from the manufacturer to place in your blog content. When visitors click on links and buy stuff, you get the commissions of each sale they make.


Successfully launching affiliate marketing requires some steps to be taken. The more carefully you take these steps, the better you will succeed:

  1.  Create your business idea and choose your target group=niche
  2.  Set up your own website
  3.  Find the best possible online business training                          Success online
  4.  Join a platform that offers all the needed tools
  5.  Dare to invest some money in your business
  6.  Start writing quality content and get ranked high on search engines
  7.  Earn your reader’s trust and become an authority of your niche
  8.  Earn steady and good revenue from affiliate marketing

These are the proven steps that I’ve gone through to become a happy affiliate marketer.


This article presents the best practices to start your online business for free and my recommendation has been affiliate marketing. I have any other experiences out there than a single company where this is possible without a charge. There are several companies that allow a try out for free but you have to pay after that.


The company where I am working is called Wealthy Affiliate. They have an awesome Free Starter Membership with no credit card needed. You are able to set up your website with a subdomain name, you get hosting and website security and you can join to two training courses and go through 10 first lessons of both of them. You can continue this free starter membership as long as you wish.


During the free membership, you maybe have to consider whether it would be a better option to become a premium member with all the possible training, support, and assistance. But there are no obligations for that.


If you’re interested to join with me the Wealthy Affiliate and hang around and check out what it’s all about, you can register for free here. I’m happy to help you to start your online business at Wealthy Affiliate. You get more detailed information of the company itself reading my Wealthy Affiliate Reviews.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post. I wish you can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can. If you wish you can also visit my profile and send me a private message.