Can I make money online is a question asked every day all over the world. The Internet has made it possible to reach billions of people and the enormous target group is available for any of us.  Although you can reach so many people online it isn’t so easy to market, promote and sell stuff online. There isn’t any “become a millionaire over night” scheme out there, and if anyone claims so, you have to be suspicious because all those claims are scams. But can you really make money online? Yes, you can, and I show you the easiest and cheapest way to do that in this article.


5 Assets To Start Making Money Online

When your aim is to start making money online with no big investments, with no special skills, and with a rapid schedule, the solution is the affiliate marketing. Shortly said the affiliate marketing is an online business where you promote other companies products or services through your own website and earn money by doing that.


Starting the affiliate marketing doesn’t need any other investments than a computer or laptop and an internet connection and some tools to support your online business. More than the equipment you need the right attitude to learn and build your online business step by step guided by a professional online business trainer.


Here are the 5 assets you need  to start making money online:

  1.  A laptop and internet connection
  2.  An interest of yours you can write about at your website
  3.  A possibility to put some efforts (time&work;) on your business
  4.  A full-service online business platform
  5.  A right mindset for a successful online business


How To Get Your 5 Assets To Work For Your Success


The key thing to start and proceed your own online business is to find a professional online business program which offers you all the needed tools for your business. You need to set up your website with a website builder, you need hosting and security tools for your website, a domain name for your online business, a keyword research tool, and up-to-date online business training.


Sounds complicated you may think.  No, it isn’t complicated at all. Most of the modern tools needed for affiliate marketing are fully automated. You don’t need any special technical skills for programming your website or other things like that. When you find a proper online business program you’ll be taught all the necessary about those things step by step. So don’t worry, everything will go nicely forward. Because the use of your own website is the foundation for your entire online business, I will show you how to set up the website in few minutes. WATCH THE VIDEO


WP website builder



When starting affiliate marketing you need a business idea. It’s simply a hobby or an interest of yours that you can turn to an earning method. An imaginary example will explain how this process goes on in practice. Your hobby is basketball and you know a lot of the game itself and equipment needed in basketball.


You start writing articles about basketball teams or reviews of basketball equipment, basketball shoes, balls, goals, and sportswear.You publish those articles on your website and make affiliate agreements with basketball manufacturers such as Spalding and Bison for promoting all the stuff. You get promotional material from manufacturers, affiliate links and banners to insert on your site. When a visitor on your site clicks the link and make a purchase you get a commission from every purchase made. That’s the earning logic of the affiliate marketing.

4-steps to success


Although the idea and the tools in the affiliate marketing are quite simple and easy-to-start that doesn’t mean that you can make easy money. You have to be patient and busy in your work because the results take some time. At the earliest, after a half-year work results begin to emerge. After that you are ready for a successful online business.


How to Take Action?


If you want to start affiliate marketing quickly and with no unpleasant setbacks, you need to find a legitimate and well-known online marketing company. I could make the search easier for you if you wish. I’ve worked for 3 years at a world-wide, top-class online marketing platform called Wealthy Affiliate. I myself and over a million fellow members will recommend Wealthy Affiliate for you as a best possible choice for learning how to make money online.


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You can co-operate with numerous worldwide companies and promote their products suitable for your business idea and target group (niche). Wealthy Affiliate has also own Affiliate Program which pays good commissions for every new premium member you refer.


So, I am grateful that you have been with me thus far. I’ve told you all the crucial things I know about how to make money online. My experiences come from affiliate marketing and my honest opinion is that affiliate marketing is the easiest and cheapest way to start and carry on a successful online business.The original question of this article was: Can I Make Money Online and my answer was positive. I hope that through my tips you can agree it.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post. I wish you can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.