Click Sure Self Service Affiliate & Digital Marketing Platform  Review

Name: Click Sure

Website:                                                     Can you make money on click sure

Price: Free for Affiliates

Owners: Unknown, The company is located in Mauritius

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100





Click Sure is a self-service marketing platform which means it’s a middleman between affiliates and advertisers. Click Sure offers the technology for affiliates and advertisers to communicate, track and manage their own marketing campaigns. Advertisers are able to recruit affiliates to promote and sell their products and affiliates find a lot of products under the same roof to make affiliate deals and earn commissions. Can you make money on Click Sure? Sure you can, but there’s one gloomy issue to think about. Click Sure reputation or actually the reputation of the advertisers is quite bad within the online marketing industry. So it can harm also your own reputation as a trustworthy affiliate marketer.


The Good & the Bad

The Good


PRO # 1

It’s easy to join  Click Sure after some identification processes. There is so-called Know Your Customer validation (KYC) process which includes photo identification and address identification. Acceptance takes place quickly. Affiliate network software is an Easy-to-use with up-to-date analyzing, reporting, and tracking tools. The process to find affiliate offers and start promoting products is fluent. It can be said that technically the platform is functional and modern.


PRO #2

Click Sure has it’s own affiliate program called 2nd Tier Referral Program. When you refer a new affiliate marketer, you get  1% – 3 % commission of referred marketers upcoming affiliate paycheck.


Click Sure Affiliate Program


The Bad:

CON #1

There are good grounds for Click Sure’s poor reputation.More than a half of advertisers work more or less on the boundaries of legitimacy. It is not just about the poor quality of the products. Many products on Click Sure marketplace are produced under fake names, marketing is misleading and sometimes exists even flashy lies about what the advertisers are offering.


The Click Sure’s company policy is such that the company does not assume any liability for any illegal acts. They call for a comprehensive refund guarantee in all cases. If there are false products you can take the refund.



Click Bank's policy of scams


CON #2

Because of scamming it may happen that you don’t get your commission for the actual sale or you lose your commission due to buyers complaints.This is embarrassing for affiliates because buyers confidence is deceived and the affiliates do not get commissions as they go to refunds for buyers. So if you make affiliate deals for promoting products on Click Sure, remember to check the advertiser’s refund rate.




If the situation does not improve from the present, I do not recommend it to anyone. There is currently a great risk of promoting products whose legitimacy and usability can’t be assured. Who an honest marketer can take such a risk. The affiliate online business needs a transparent and legal framework to ensure trust and authority for business owners.


CLICK SURE, Tools & Training


Click Sure has technically advanced analyzing, reporting and tracking tools for monitoring your marketing campaigns. Any special training on Click Sure platform doesn’t exist.




Click Sure Support Inbox is where you can ask for help and support with sending a message to support. There isn’t any Community Forum of Click Sure. Click Sure offers a possibility to personal support with named contacts.




Click Sure is free of charge for all affiliates




Click Sure Self Service Affiliate & Digital Marketing Platform is technically sophisticated platform for affiliates and advertisers. However, good technology, ease-of-use, and up-to-date tools are lost because of the company’s lack of a systematic process to eliminate scams on their platform. It’s a pity for those legitimate advertisers on the platform, those still exist, with them, it should be a joy to co-operate and carry on a successful affiliate marketing campaigns.


Is Click Sure a scam? I have to amplify my opinions according to Click Sure Company’s legitimate. Click Sure company itself isn’t a scam. It incorporates it’s duties legitimately and has been around on the market for a long time.But before the company changes its policy of legitimacy issues, I can’t recommend Click Sure as a marketing platform for affiliates. My opinion is that you have to find and focus on other affiliate marketplaces.  Yes, you can make money on Click Sure, but in this kind of circumstances, it is hardly worth it.





Name: Click Sure


Price: Free for Affiliates

Owners: Unknown, The company is located in Mauritius

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100






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