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Welcome to my ClixSense Review.   ClixSense is a free Reward Site or Get Paid To website for completing surveys and other tasks. ClixSense promises that you can easily earn  money by completing surveys, trying new products, downloading apps, signing up for websites and watching videos. Yes, you can earn money, but it isn’t always so easy and worth the time spent. Is ClixSense legit, how it works  and who is it for? I’ll cover those questions in my review and you can discover the rewards.




ClixSense in glance


ClixSense was established in 2007 and was originally a Paid To Click (PTC) website. Advertisers paid off for showing their ads on the platform and a tiny percentage of the advertiser’s fee was paid to viewers when they click the ads on ClixSense. In 2017 ClixSense change their procedure as a Rewards Website or Get Paid To website (GPT).  Money-making is based on this model as completing certain tasks, surveys, and different cash offers.

ClixSense has many Market Research partners offering surveys, for instance, Cint, GlobalSurvey, Samplicio, Your Surveys, Speak Up, Opinion World and Opinion Surveys. They are well-known and top-quality providers in the industry.

ClixSense has an own Affiliate Program paying sign-up commissions for every new referral a member get as an active member and up to 30 % commissions on what your referrals earn at ClixSense.




Clixsense Online Surveys


The online surveys will be sorted by personal information you’ve provided. ClixSense send you survey invites to your mailbox. Often there are preliminary questions included in surveys on the basis of which you’ll be qualified or you’ll be rejected. You have to complete the survey before you’ll be rewarded. The online survey payouts vary between 20 cents to $5 and sometimes over $10. To complete a survey approximately 10-15 minutes. Even if you complete multiple online surveys on a daily basis, your earnings will be up to $50 per month.

You’ll be paid directly after qualified and completed the survey with one exception, the surveys with the red flag will be rewarded only after 30 days. There’s a threshold of $10 after that you can cash out your earnings.







Figure tasks are daily tasks delivered by Figure Eight crowdsourcing service which is a subcontractor of ClixSense. The tasks are different small jobs such as categorizing images or videos, making Google searches, validating product names etc. The payouts for completing tasks aren’t high, only few cents per task. You have to pay attention to the task instructions and hints you get when giving false answers to any questions. Those are critical to your success in completing daily tasks.

Figure Eight Tasks



If you are active and complete certain tasks daily you are able to get an extra bonus on top what you’ve earned a day. You get a 12 % bonus after completed:
– 10 Figure Eight tasks
– 2 Online Surveys
– 2 Cash Offers

An extra  2% bonus after installing a ClixAddon application and keep it running at least 1 hour a day

An extra 2 %  activity bonus after completing all the mentioned tasks 3 days in a row. So you have a chance to earn up to 16% daily bonuses.

Daily Checklist bonus



ClixSense has it’s own Affiliate Program and you can earn money by referring people to join ClixSense. You can start referring people immediately after joining ClixSense with your Affiliate link. The ClixSense commission rules are following:

All ClixSense members will get the following signup commissions:

$0.30 signup commission on new active affiliates in top-tier countries.
$0.10 signup commission on new active affiliates in other countries.
$2.00 commission on first $5.00 earned from their new affiliate.


Top-Tier countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.


Activity commissions

For all tasks your referral complete you get a 20 % commission of that they earn. If you have over 100 active referrals you get an additional 5 % commission and over 200 active referrals you get an additional 10 % commission.




ClixSense is ideal for those who have the time to complete time-consuming tasks and are happy to receive some pocket money. The payouts don’t match the time spent completing the tasks. The ClixSense Affiliate Program instead could be worth of trying. The commission rules are moderate and if you have a website with plenty of traffic you can earn well with a banner ad.


If you want to carry on a successful online business, ClixSense isn’t the place to do that. If you’re looking for legit chances to generate a proper revenue with your online business I have a good recommendation for you.Check out my #1 recommendation and the potential which can offer you means to earn the full-time income online.



The Good


1.Free To Use

ClixSense is totally free to join and you haven’t any risk to try it. There are also many different tasks to complete for earning money.


2. Low Payout Threshold

The payout threshold of ClixSense is $10. It’s quite a low and you are able to earn at least $10 a month so that you have not to wait too long to get paid. Out there are many similar platforms which have higher thresholds. The more difficult to get your payouts to your account in time the easier you may quit.


3. Good Portion Of Online Surveys

ClixSense has more top-class online survey providers and surveys to complete than on many another platform. That means that you have better opportunities to make some money with the surveys.


The Bad

1. Low Earning Opportunities

As a whole, the earning opportunities for good money isn’t high. You can complete tens of tasks daily but you can earn only a few dollars. This is the reason why ClixSense is not a worthwhile option when seeking a profitable online business.


2. Weak Payment Method Options

ClixSens haven’t a PayPal option anymore and there has been many changes lately with the payment methods available.This does not give a positive impression regarding good customer service and flexible way of actionle.



At first, I could tell that ClixSense is a legitimate Get-Paid-To program. Compared to many similar, its services are better than average. The fact is, however, that although how hard you are working the earnings per day is very small. Too small to make a successful online business.You can find other programs available to generate a full-time passive income.Maybe the only thing that a target-oriented online marketer can consider is to refer people joining ClixSense program. You can do it on your site if ClixSense is relevant to your niche and target group. If you are interested in making some money with ClixSense, you can join here.


If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.