Most students are probably familiar with a tight budget. Studying and all the living costs are growing all the time and starting a part-time job takes time from you studies and postdate you graduation. How to stop struggling with money? Is there any reasonable way to find extra money for students, ways that are possible to combine quite easily with studying. I have a suggestion for you, a free chance to start a job where you have the opportunity to earn full-time earnings putting college studentsfewer efforts than working at regular part-time work. Sounds good? Okay, learn more and go forward with me.


Online money making jobs for students

Those part-time jobs online what I’m talking about are affiliate marketing and content marketing. In short, you can make money with one of you hobbies or other interests. You need a website and an internet connection and a proper training to start, nothing more. What do you like? Video games, music, sports, clothing, you name it. You start writing blog posts, articles and reviews of stuff you like and about what you have a lot of information.


For instance, if you like to play video games, you write a review of a game and you make a deal with some video game merchant (called an affiliate agreement). Then you  insert you affiliate link within you site content, and when visitors

video game promotionclick this link on you site and make a purchase, you get a commission from that merchant. Simple like that!


I know few students who are making between $2000-$5000 per month promoting video games on their websites.




In this context, it should be emphasized that this does not happen overnight, but when you get the right guidance, earning money can begin within a few months. What inevitably takes a little time is to write enough quality content regularly. As a result, the number of visitors to you site increases and you get natural traffic that generates increasing revenue stream. That’s the earning logic of affiliate marketing.

What are the benefits for students to start as an affiliate?

Students have primarily better technical skills that people on average, that’s why starting online business goes easier and faster. I have to say that nowadays there isn’t any need for special skills for instance to set up a website. Modern website builders are so automated that you get you site up and running in few minutes. Nevertheless, more advanced skills the better chances to succeed with online business.


When we are talking about online business training, students have an up-to-date capability to absorb and take in practice the training they go through. It’ s also one possibility to create an online business training module as a personal business idea. You can plan and incorporate for instance online video training and other courses online and make revenue from it.

Wealthy Affiliate Training


When I earlier mentioned that struggling with money is very familiar for students, the one great benefit to start as an affiliate marketer is the low outlay to start and relatively little time to spent.So it’s a great package to carry on successful part-time jobs for students online. The few students I know working in affiliate marketing can manage to earn $2000 per month working with their computers for about 10 hours a week.


That is an investment that is possible to combine with your studying so that it doesn’t bother too much you way to graduation on time. Earning money online compensate your study costs and will help you financial situation in the future.



What students need to start as an affiliate?



You can see the 5 steps to start as an affiliate below. What are your responsibility is the business idea of you own and a little time and money to start. I’ve already announced that you can start with no charge, and that’s true, but to ensure you success in a long run you might have better to put some money on it. I tell more about that later. The rest of the steps and more you can find within one single platform called Wealthy Affiliate. That’s my #1 recommendation for you to start a successful business online.

5 steps for an affiliate


This platform is an online business training company where you can set up you WordPress website, the company offers you website hosting&security;, 2 online training courses, own domain name platform, own keyword tool, video tutorials, 24/7/365 help&support;, live chat for members, training classrooms and close to a million helpful members to assistant you in every possible way.


Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Starter Membership for beginners and those who want to check out all that platform can offer to you. You can hang around and test all the tools available.


As a starter member you can create and host 2 websites for free, you can participate the 2 official training courses and do the first 10 lessons of them.


You can chat with the members and send you personal blogs for the community to read.


You can join as a free member and you can stay as a free member for as long you wish


It’s a great opportunity to get to know, evaluate and compare all the tools available. After that you have information enough to decide if Wealthy Affiliate is a right place for you to start you business or not.








Exploit you real opportunity to make money at college

I’ve introduced the best ways how to earn extra money for students online. My recommendation is affiliate marketing, making money with your website. The best place that I know and a place that is a favorite of hundreds of thousands members is Wealthy Affiliate. I think it is the most appropriate and effective platform for students.


The training system of wealthy Affiliate is pretty much college-like. You can learn to set up you website, creating you website design, learn about keyword research and getting traffic on your site. With the sophisticated step-by-step online training program you learn how to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate has testimonials for near 20 years period to create successful online entrepreneurs. Would you like to be one of them?


The decision is at you fingertips right now. I f you wish still some more detailed information, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Reviews. If you’re interested, you have also the possibility to join the Free Starter Membership through my review.
If you decide to join and give you honest try, I promise to help you and give you the kind of personal support you wish to start you online business. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.