You have tried and tried to achieve success online, but for reason or another you’ve failed. You see the fabulous winner stories in Internet business but your bank account doesn’t see it.

You’ve crashed with countless scam offers and programs which promise you to be a millionaire overnight.  making money with a website

Are you tired and helpless in the situation like that. It’s not very difficult to imagine that you are.


The tactic of those online scams is to molest your desire to make easy money from home. They surely know that you’re tired of working 9 to 5 for someone else. And that’s the circumstance they hit. You’ve seen those online ads promising you enormous amounts of money when you follow their program to success and glory.


After reading their marketing pitch, they manage to create an illusion that you need to pay to get registered with them. You have to watch out those marketing pitches!


There are various scam reviews online and you can check there if the program you’re going to try, is legitimate or scam. But can you rely on them. I think you don’t.
There are more or less so- called ”paid reviews” or the reviewer’s personal affection influences to the result of the review.

On the basis of one distinguished thing you can evaluate quite surely, if the online program is reliable and legitimate. If the online program offers a free trial or free temporary membership. NO LEGITIMATE ONLINE BUSINESS IS GOING TO ASK YOU FOR MONEY TO GET STARTED.

The scam programs online are mostly known as MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Pyramid marketing. The idea of making money is that the members lower the pyramid pay to them who are on the top of the pyramid.

So, are you willing to pay any more to an online scam that asks you to pay them for to get started or buy their program to earn immediately lots of money. I wish your answer is NO.


People who succeed to make money online create success many different ways, but there is something that is founded to be common with them.

You have to find help or support when you’re jammed. If you haven’t anyone to help you when you’re in difficulty, you are easily going to resign.

If you haven’t a website of your own, you rarely are achieving a continual success. No problem, nowadays you can create a new FREE website very easy. It can be done in few minutes without any earlier experience.

The third main thing that is common with them who has manage to hit the jackpot online is that they learn all the time and they practice what they’ve learned, When you learn regularly and practice properly and you are patient enough, the success will come.

A legitimate, a well-functioning online program offers the kind of service which I described above.

what is affiliate in marketing


In this website HOW TO START HOME BUSINESS ONLINE, I will show you the best legitimate online program that I’ve found since getting started years ago.

It’s WEALTHY AFFILIATE, an affiliate program where you are taught and trained to make home business online as an affiliate marketer
What is an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketer get traffic and send people to sites (or vendors) that are set up to pay an affiliate fees once a sale is made. The vendor does all the selling, fulfills the purchase and handles any customer service issues. You collect your affiliate fee which can be up to 75% of the product price.
What you get if you join to Wealthy Affiliate Community?

At first, you get a totally free one week trial and 2 free WordPress websites, a fully functional websites with everything you need installed up and running in few minutes.
You get a huge training package where you get to start learn how to build a website,learn how to use keywords and searc engine optimization(SEO) so your website get indexed and ranked in Google. You also get fantastic training support along with a live chat and blogs which you can use to ask anyone any question possible you may have 24/7.


All I mentioned earlier is not going to cost you anything. STARTER MEMBERSHIP includes all those services, training, hosting, support and online business opportunity are totally free. You may ask how is this possible?

Yes that is due to Wealthy Affiliate has also a paid PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP.
It offers such a package as Starter Membership wit a lot of more resources, training.unlimited hosting of even more websites, automatic backups, live training updates, free keyword research tool and much more.

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP is $19 for the first month and $49 for every month after that. It’s also possible to save more if you pay for YEARLY MEMBERSHIP for $359 a year. That’s less than $1 a day!

You can take a look of my whole website as I’m going to focus on many issues about online business opportunities.
If you’re interested, so go ahead and TRY THE STARTER MEMBERSHIP HERE

Then you can find how many opportunities there are to learn success online!If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. There aren’t any wrong questions. I answer them so soon as possible.


Kari Havu