how to be your own boss

How to be your own boss means normally being an independent entrepreneur or business owner. To found your own company isn’t an easy process. You need a great business idea, production equipment, staff, marketing, financial administration among other things. That means you need a lot of money for investments and you have convinced your financiers that your business idea is worth to accomplish. All in all, to start the business like that needs special skills and there’s always a great risk to lose your money if the business fails.


You can find easier and cheaper opportunities being your own boss. Internet business is the kind of option. Online marketing, more detailed an affiliate marketing is a great way to start your own online business and become your own boss. If you stay with me for a while, I’ll tell you what this is all about. What is affiliate marketing, what are needed to start, how to make money online and how to keep on a successful online business?


What is the affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing means promoting services or products on your website and getting commissions from the merchants whose products you promote. So, you write articles and reviews of those products and offer a helpful information for your readers to make purchase decisions and at the same time earn money with it.

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For instance, you can promote Amazon products through Amazon Associates program and many world-wide top-class brands products, such as Nike which has their own Affiliate Program. When you make an affiliate agreement with those merchants, you get promoting materials like links and banners to insert on your website. When your site visitors click those links and made a purchase you get a commission(a percentage of the product’s price) for every sale. Joining the affiliate programs is usually totally free. That’s in the nutshell what is the affiliate marketing about.


The premisses to start as an affiliate marketer

The starting point may be that you have some kind of passion or interest in which you have information and you can easily write articles about it. It’s also possible that you learn and research things that interest you and turn it your special area to write about and use it as your business idea for your affiliate marketing.


Don’t be afraid, it’s not so complicated. Let me give you an example. You love to play video games and you know many of the products on the market. You can write reviews on your website and enter into agreements with video game merchants to earn commissions in the way I described earlier.


One important premiss is that you are patient. The truth is that affiliate marketing requires effort on time and effort on work but it is easier when you can work from your own passion. The success doesn’t come at once but with systematic and long-distance planning and working the success will come for sure. You do not have to be a professional in any way. You can start from the basics and consistently advance towards your goals with expert online business training. I give you information about that later in this article.


The basic tools, in the beginning, is your own website and domain name. The business idea is your interest or passion you start to write about on your site. Depending on what is your interest, you have to choose a niche, a targeted group of people relevant to your interest. Simplified, If your interest is video games your niche is video game players. In addition, you need a website hosting, technical support and help and proper online business training. I guess that your first question is what it costs? No worries, I can reccommend you a platform where you can start without any charge and continue the free trial membership as long as you wish.


Can I really earn money with affiliate marketing?

The answer is, Yes. As I’ve mentioned before when you find an affiliate platform that is guiding you step by step from the basics to the professional affiliate marketing, all you need to do is to be committed and busy with your working. I describe you more detailed the process of earning money with affiliate marketing. How it actually happens? It happens in stages like many other processes.

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At first, the crucial thing for your success is the competition online. If the niche you choose is highly competitive, it means that it’s the popular large niche where is a lot more competition than a smaller niche. Let me give an example. ‘Make Money Online’ is a large and very popular niche with millions of affiliate marketers. It’s very hard to make a successful affiliate marketing business in this niche. If you choose a niche ‘affiliate programs for retirees in California’ then it’s narrower and more specific niche or target group. There isn’t that much competition and conditions for a successful business is available. You can drive visitors from this niche with proper keywords to your website. If you find a domain name for your website relevant to this niche, it increases your website traffic naturally.


If I try to sum it up how affiliate marketing works when talking about earning money, the following are the most relevant issues.Your website is relevant and attractive to your niche or target group. You write quality content that is helpful, conversational, personal and natural. You post your articles regularly, 3 to 5 times a week. The products you promote on your site are relevant to your business idea and your target group. You’re making proper SEO (search engine optimization) and keyword research to get your website and articles ranked high on search engines. High rankings mean a lot of traffic to your site. You can shift the traffic to leads and sales creating proper sales funnels for different visitors. You can incorporate different marketing campaigns, monitor and test which of them works best and scale efforts on the best campaigns.


This is how a successful affiliate marketing spring alive in practice, and this is how to be your own boss.  You can learn it step by step and become a super affiliate when you follow my recommendations.



How to get started?

Now it’s time for my recommendations. You can find an affiliate marketing platform which can offer all the affiliate tools and training needed to start and carry on your affiliate business towards your goals from the basics to professional affiliate marketing. I’ve experienced with this platform for many years and there are 1.3 million happy members with me.


The company is called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s been on the market about 15 years. It’s an independent affiliate program offering all affiliate tools, website building, hosting, domain names, technical help&support; among others. The community helps each other to achieve their goals and you can find affiliates from beginners to professionals out there. In addition to great affiliate tools, Wealthy Affiliate offers a comprehensive step by step online business training.


Wealthy Affiliate offers A FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP. You can join for free and get to know how it works. Hang around and familiarize with the services and become familiar with the members. You can continue your free trial as long as you wish. You can get also more detailed information of Wealthy Affiliate reading my  WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW




I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post. I wish you can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.