How To create A Business Website


How to create a business website for online marketing? That’s a crucial question for affiliate marketers. A captivating website is a very important part of successful affiliate marketing, it’s kind of online business asset. Your website is the main tool for your online business. Affiliate marketing is website marketing and your website is your production department, your marketing department, your sales department, and your finance department. That’s why you have to put time and effort to create a website with the best possible functionality and design. In my opinion, the website concept also includes the domain name, hosting and network security of your site. In this article, I will walk you through how to create a business website and reveal the top 6 tips for affiliates to do it right.


Few Things About Websites

Basically, there are 3 different kinds of websites:

– A straightforward and informative website that provides the basic information about your business
– An e-commerce website that makes it possible to sell products and services on your site
– A content-oriented website that relies mainly on a blog format

In the context of this article, a business means the small business and the industry we’re talking about is Affiliate Marketing. When we’re talking about a relevant website to this context, it’s for sure an e-commerce website. Affiliate Marketing is an online business where the affiliates are promoting, marketing and selling products and services through their websites.


1.  What Is Your Business Idea?

In affiliate marketing, you can turn any of your hobbies or passions into an online business. Starting as an affiliate your market area is the whole world and you have access to billions of potential customers, but you have also a lot of competition. No matter what’s your business idea, there’s for sure that hundreds of affiliate marketers have a similar idea.


What Is Your Business Idea


So, you must differentiate from your competitors if you want to succeed. The way to do that is to choose a relevant and profitable niche for your product marketing. Choosing a niche means concentrating all your marketing efforts on a small but specific and well-defined segment of the population. It’s a slice of the market where you can find a clear need and you can define your products for that specific need without too hard competition.  Your business idea, your niche and the distinct way you’re going to sell your products online through your website determines what kind of a website is suitable for you. You need a website highly relevant to your business idea.


2. Outline Your Website Content

Outlining your website means that you take attention what kind of appearance you need from your site. Do you like a static homepage or blogroll. Are you planning to set up an online store on your site? Is there some special offers you are concentrating and need extra attention and bring it up attractively to your visitors. All these things affect what kind of website theme you need for your site.


3. Choosing A Website Builder

What kind of website builder and website is needed for your affiliate business?  Although in the beginning, when you start your business, there aren’t a lot of different needs for the appearance and the functionality of your website, it’s wise to choose the kind of website builder that can easily complement and modify your site according to your further needs as your business grows up. It is a mistake to choose a website builder that can not expand the functional or design needs of your website.

If you aren’t quite sure what you want, make research on other websites, authority websites in particular niches, your competitor sites and other popular, top websites. That’s the way you get inspiration about how you would like your website to look like.

There are basically 2 kinds of website builders, cloud-based and CMS (Content Management System) Shortly said cloud-based ones are fully hosted and include the website hosting. In CMS Builders like WordPress, you have to install the hosting yourself, create a hosting account. Cloud-based website builders like Wix and Site-Builder are more convenient but they have less control over the website and all over capability. CMS website builders(WP) in other hand have more control, capability, and extension for different website options.

The decision is up to you, of course, but  My #1 recommendation is a WordPress website builder. When we are talking about small business and affiliate marketing, WordPress offers a quality tool for comprehensive business needs. You get professional services without hiring a professional designer. You can find also hosting platforms using WordPress website builders such as Bluehost and there are also other options available.


4. Selecting A Proper Domain name

Domain name is the address to your website and it’s important that you find a domain name relevant to your business idea and the target group. A captivating domain name may be a traffic magnet and drive free, natural traffic to your site. Domain name is usually also your business name and brand online.


Let me give you an example of choosing a domain name. Your passion is basketball and your business idea is to write blogs and reviews about basketball and basketball accessories and promote basketball products on your site and make money with affiliate programs. Your domain name might be basketball accessories. There are for example .com,  .org and .net ending domain names of which  .com is the most popular and most effective in search engines. I make a search in my domain platform and below are the results.

Selecting A Domain Name


As you see the domain name isn’t available which in my opinion is the best choice but is available and that’s a very good choice too. That’s the way how to search for proper domain names. There are millions of websites and domain names out there and it’s sometimes hard to find great names which are available.

It’s easy to buy domain names from those platforms. When you buy one it’s your own property and when your online business grows and you get authority within your niche, the value of your domain name can rise remarkably and you can make good money selling it.


Design Your Website

5. Design Your Website

The design of the website is crucial when people judge the credibility of an online business. Studies have shown that 75 percent of visitors think that the website design is the most important thing according to credibility. Credibility is proven to be directly related to how visitors are converted to customers.


When we are talking about the small business website such as affiliate marketing site, there isn’t any need to use a professional designer at the beginning. I’ve heard from many online entrepreneurs that designing a custom website too early isn’t the best option.


When you have a brand new website, you don’t really know what your visitors are looking for and what is important and helpful to them. Then the best option is to start with an affordable, pre-made website template and after you know what you really need for your website design, make it accordingly.


In addition to relevant website template, the theme, there are few crucial things to take attention when setting up a functional small business website:

A proper UI ( user interface) a framework that surrounds the content and helps the user perform actions and navigate through it. It includes the navigation and components like sidebars and bottom bars.

  • Make clear navigation
  • Use Call-To-Action Buttons
  • Keep it simple
  • Ensure that your site is loading quickly enough

The good thing about the small business website is that they work best when they are simple, featuring minimal text and include just simple options such as submission form and contact us buttons. Your visitors are mainly interested in what your business is all about and where to go for getting info about your products and services.

In your blog writing, you can use more comprehensive content; different fonts and colors,images, infographics, graphs and videos which make your content captivating.

Creating a small business website for affiliate marketing isn’t so complicated but you can make it faster and without so many faults if you get proper training. My Suggestion Is Wealthy Affiliate, an online training platform offering training for setting up websites and all kind of other online business training. In addition to that, you can get all the tools needed to start and develop your own online business including web hosting, web security, and domain name platform.


That’s all this time. I hope you’ve gotten some new ideas on how to create a business website and could leverage the tips I’ve described in your own online business. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.