How To Earn Money Blogging


Many people are making good money with blogging and many people are starting blogging and wondering why they can’t make money at once. How to earn money blogging is a hot question among newbie bloggers. The reality that all new bloggers have to accept is that you can’t make money right away from blogging a brand new blog.

Creating a successful blog takes time. You have to reach the confidence of your target audience that will bring them back to your site again and again. With growing confidence and growing traffic, you can turn your blogging into moneymaking. In this article, I show you the proven things how to earn money blogging: 8 things you must know.


1. Joining Quality Training Platform

Even if you have some experience with writing and blogging, only a few beginners have the ability to make blogging a successful online business. In order not to need to learn everything “through the heel”, you should join a professional online business training program. My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. The up-to-date professional training program provides you with basic tools and easy-to-follow training for making money blogging.


2. Create Your Own Website

The first thing to do is set up your website. Your website is a crucial tool or asset of your blogging business. That’s why you must put some time and effort into creating a captivating website. Choosing a great website theme and captivating design that is relevant to your blogging subject and style is important. Merely the attractiveness and functionality of your site have a great impact on visitors’ interest.

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In addition to your website, you need a domain name that is as relevant as possible to your blogging website and a website hosting&online; security ensuring that your site is working safely and without delays or interruptions. A professional training platform can offer you all these tools.

3. Finding A Profitable Niche

Choosing a profitable niche


A niche means a distinct segment within the market, a distinct target audience of yours. There are millions of different niches out there and you can find one relevant to your passions, to your blogging subject. What is important in choosing a niche is the competition within your niche. The more competition the more difficult to make money. If you could find a small but specific and well-defined segment of the population, the competition isn’t so hard and your business will be more profitable.

Here’s a link to the training lesson  CHOOSE A NICHE


4. Writing Quality Content

You don’t need any professional writing skills when writing your blog. Just write about a topic you’re interested in and you know the subject as well. The most important thing is to define what special needs or expectations your readers may have on your content.

Your content should be useful, informative, and relevant to the reader’s expectations and should be updated regularly according to their feedback. Your target should be specific and unique content that raises you up in comparison to your competitors in the same niche.  The quality content is simply the one that will give your readers a good user experience. Be yourself, write with casual style and try to be interactive with your audience. Doing all this you’re sooner you can think, an authority within your niche.

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5. Building Up Your Audience

Building up your audience is to go on with writing quality content and making research on what your audience is waiting for in your forthcoming content. Developing your blog content step by step more specific and unique for your audience is the proven way to create authority and more visitors to your blog site. When you’ve built the trust within your audience, you have focus on publishing a steady stream of quality content that ensures also a steady stream of visitors.


6. Getting Traffic

Writing quality content that is useful for your readers doesn’t alone ensure that you will grow up your audience. You have to use different tools for getting traffic to your site. You need to do your SEO  optimization right and find the properly targeted keywords on your blog posts that drive natural traffic to your site. You can find more detailed information through the following link what is SEO optimization, Keyword Research, and Search Engine Rankings.  What Is Seo Optimization

Promoting your blog is a must if you want more traffic and more visitors. Promote your blog actively in social media, different blogging forums, and affiliate forums and you can receive more natural, free traffic such as through the search engines. You can try also Paid Traffic such as PPC, Pay- Per- Click for your blog promoting. Paid methods give you the opportunity to get new targeted traffic right away and it’s a great supplement to your organic traffic channels.


7. Monetizing Your Blog

Thus far you’ve built up your audience with helpful, quality content and using tools for getting traffic from your niche. Now when you have a lot of relevant traffic, it’s time to start to monetize your blog. You have a homogeneous audience who is interested in your blog and keep it high quality and helpful.  There are 3 main steps to monetize your blog:

converting your visitors to email subscribers
– send them content that builds trust (don’t sell anything in this stage)
– sell products and services your audience is looking for

How To Earn Money Blogging


You can build your email list more efficiently when you offer some freebie in a change of joining to your email list. An email list is one of the most efficient money-making tools and after you’ve sent your subscribers free helpful content for a while, they are more than ready to buy what they need from you.

As you know the interests of your audience you can search for relevant products and services from numerous affiliate programs and make affiliate deals, and start to promote those products on your blogs. Just inserting affiliate links within your content, you earn commissions from the product and service providers.

The other way to monetize your blog is to use ads from different providers on your blog content. For example, CPC or CPM advertising, Direct advertising, Sponsored posts or Banner Ads.  You can sell also your own products and services, such as writing services (freelance writing) through your blog site.


8. Leveraging Affiliate Marketing

4.steps process of Affiliate marketing

4 Steps Process Of Affiliate marketing


As I mentioned earlier, Affiliate Marketing is a useful tool to monetize your blog. Affiliate Marketing is a kind of performance-based marketing and actually, it’s one of the most effective ways how to earn money blogging. You can write blogs as usual about your subject and find relevant affiliate products to promote within your content. You can also write reviews of relevant products and services on your blog. There are numerous affiliate programs out there and millions of products and services to promote on your blog. You can find a product for any possible niche out there. It’s free to join affiliate programs and affiliate marketing is an easy and straightforward way to monetize your blog with affiliate links and banners.


The best way to succeed in blogging and affiliate marketing is to get help and support.  Too many beginners try to cope alone with all things when starting an online business, and too often they get frustrated and quit. My #1 recommendation is to join a professional training platform and get step by step training and support. If you’re interested  READ MY WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW.


Blogging is a great opportunity for a successful online business. You can turn your passions into your own online entrepreneurship. Making your blog a proper money maker, however, takes time. For succeeding, you need patience, the right tools, and professional training. I’ve described in this article 8 Things You Must Know when trying to find out How To Earn Money Blogging.


That’s all this time. I wish you can benefit from reading this post and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If you have questions, comments, or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.