How to find a quality hosting provider


When we’re wondering how to find a quality hosting provider, many of us pay more attention to hosting prices than quality. Many think even so that hosting is an indispensable compulsion that can be provided as cheaply as possible. This is not the case, at least if we are going to use the website for working online. Often the website is one of the most important tools in online business and its good performance has a very big impact on your business efficiency. Instead of choosing a cheap and poor alternative, you should focus on the comparison which of the best hosting providers provide the best value for your money.


The Crucial Services Of Quality Website Hosting Packages

What are the most valuable services that a hosting provider can offer? They are the efficiency of your website and the speed of loading the site. The efficiency means the longest possible website’s uptime. The uptime is the time that a website or web service is available to the users over a given period. The goal of the uptime ratio is 100% but the industry considers  99.999% uptime as high availability. The second crucial feature of hosting provider is the website speed, how long it takes to upload your site. The threshold for an e-commerce website is 2 seconds and the target within the industry is half a second.


Which are the equipment of hosting providers influencing those crucial services the uptime and the site speed? This is what you have to monitor when choosing a web hosting services. Whether there is a 24/7/365 support function that is quick and easy to reach in case of malfunction and is able to remedy the defects quickly and professionally.The high-class support includes most often the redundancy services for your website during malfunction situations.


When talking about site speed you have to make some research on servers and switches and the all over connectivity of the hosting provider. Are the servers and switches of high quality and is there a connectivity to the best local carriers(Internet Exchanges) If there are speed test results of the hosting provider available, you can check out what is the real site speed.


2 Best Choices Of Quality Website Hosting

I have examined the quality of hosting service providers in the way that the minimum requirements are met for all services and that the most relevant services are of high quality. This already cut down the number of suitable hosting providers to a very small extent and I’ve made short reviews of the two I ranked the best possible options. The estimate is based purely on my own views and opinions.



Bluehost is a versatile hosting provider that offers most popular and affordable shared hosting services. Bluhost includes also cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting  services. Bluehost is experienced with Linux-based servers and WordPress website hosting but you can’t get Windows hosting.

While the basic shared hosting seems to be inexpensive, the pricing is confusing. For example, the cheapest hosting price is $2.95 per month but there is a 36-month upfront.The prices of hosting packages are higher in cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting packages. For example the dedicated hosting price starts from $79.99 per month. You have to check out closely what the hosting package is included. There are upselling add-ons such as dedicated IP-address, spam filtering, and site backup services which may cost additional $20 or more per month. Yo have to be aware of other similar “unlimited services”. Below is the prices of the Shared Hosting Packages.

Bluehost shared hosting prices


One clear shortage is the lack of free automatic backups. You can’t depend on your data to be backed up daily, no guarantees of that. You have to run your own backup through the C-panel to your own local device.


Bluehost doesn’t offer an uptime guarantee. There’s no proof to get an uptime of close to 100 % as wanted. Their statement about uptime issues is that “most malfunctions are solved within 15 minutes.” Bluehost support is based partly on self-help by a knowledge base of different support information. In addition, there is a contact channel to Support using phone calls and chat forum. Although Bluehost does have 24/7 technical support can vary from 10 minutes to an hour.


Bluehost has clearly its own advantages for certain user groups. Shared hosting offers affordable alternatives for those users with a website where isn’t yet a high traffic. For “heavy users” Bluehost contains quite good security options to combat most common website risks, Bluehost has improved both their uptime and site speed during the last 18 months and their uptime standard (99,98%) and site speed standard (0.522 s) are both over the industry standard.

Bluehost hosting


Despite some of the weaknesses, Bluehost is still among the best hosting providers out there. When you use just the services you need to set up and develop your website’s functionality, you’re able to get a good value for your money.



SiteRubix is a hosting service provider that has been in the market since 2007. It has developed its operations and services decisively and is currently one of the most trusted and highest quality players in the industry. in addition, the hosting service SiteRubix offers a website builder of its own, domain name platform and keyword research tool. Hosting includes many extra tools to increase your site functionality. The next list shows you all the tools and services that SiteRubix provides for their customers.


SiteRubix hosting services


SiteRubix has an SSL( SecureSocketsLayer) in extra SitePlus+ services which allows a website to transfer data over an encrypted connection. You detect it from ”https://” protocol before your domain name. In practice, this means more website security and trust towards your website. Other web hosts may charge you of SSL between $50-$100 per year plus setup fees, but  at SiteRubix its included the monthly fee($49). More about price comparison.


SSL certification


SiteRubix technical support is top-class within the industry. Support is working 24/7/365 and works through Support Ticket Submission. The response time is short and the support team works independently to solve the problems. The only thing you have to do is to make a description of your problem.

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SiteRubix Is Part Of Wealthy Affiliate Program

SiteRubix is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Training Platform and it’s a free service for members. Wealthy Affiliate has an outstanding online business training program. You can start your own online business from scratch and learn step-by-step the secrets of how to make money online.  When joining Wealthy Affiliate all the SiteRubix services are available for you without any extra charge.


Wealthy Affiliate has a  FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP  that allows you to explore the whole platform in depth, the Wealthy Affiliate Training as well as the SiteRubix services. You can continue your free membership as long as you wish. The Premium Membership costs $49 per month including the whole stuff within Wealthy affiliate and SiteRubix. That’s generally far less than other web hosts charge of high-class hosting.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership


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