Getting free website traffic is the most important thing for a successful online business when we are talking about an online business that is totally based on website marketing such as affiliate marketing. The traffic means visitors, prospects, leads, and sales. How to get free website traffic is a hot topic within the affiliate marketing industry. In this article, I will show you the 5 crucial things to know about getting free traffic to flow to your site.


1. Free Website Traffic Through SEO

The website traffic which is gotten through  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is called natural traffic. It’s free traffic that is based on keyword research which searches for the most popular search engine keywords. There exist different keyword research tools that help marketers to find the keywords with large search volume and tiny competition.


example of keyword research

The goal is to get your website content ranked in Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) at Page 1, Position 1 which is the best possible stage to get free traffic flowing to your site. When your site gets that position, all the estimated traffic is coming to your site.


Google Page 1, Position 1


Search Engines doesn’t determine the rankings merely by high ranked keywords. The other great indicator is your website content. If you create quality content that is useful and help people to find what they are looking for, search engines notice that and it leads also to better rankings.

2. Other Sources Of Free Website Traffic

Social media marketing has increased enormously within a few years and it currently offers great potential for free traffic to your site. The mere use of proper keywords and creating high-quality website content is not enough for people to find your site, at least in the short term.


Now, it’s time to be social and promote your site content on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. They are free to join and using suitable promoting methods for each platform you can increase your site traffic significantly.


To succeed in social media marketing you have to hang around on different platforms regularly and be active with your promotions. You can share your website content, blog posts, and reviews directly from your site to different social media platforms using suitable plugins for that. For instance, joining Facebook Groups is a very efficient way to promote your website.

Join Facebook Groups


It’s easy to get stuck in social media and spend too much time there. Do your research and learn how to optimize your social media usage. Schedule your promotions for different platforms, which content, how often, when? So you can optimize your promotions and get a higher amount of shares, engagement, and traffic. You can find also automated scheduling and publishing platforms for social media marketing. Use them if possible and make your work easier.


Other ways to get free traffic to your site is to offer host blogging to blogging forums and remarkable bloggers within your niche. They have in general a lot of visitors and through your blogs there, the traffic could be linked to your original site.


The same effect can happen in writing your comments at different affiliate forums and online business forums. Create captivating comments with interesting content and images and insert your website link there. Research what are the most popular questions and themes of the forums and leave comments to those. For instance, a forum called Quora is a very efficient platform to drive traffic to your site.
Quora affiliate forum

Traffic from Quora


3. Site Appearance and User Experience

How your website looks and how smooth it works, means surprisingly much according to the number of visitors. Captivating website theme which is relevant to your business idea magnetizes better than a basic one. It means that visitors stay on your site longer and come back again and again.

Captivating website theme


Creating a user interface (US) that is easy-to-use and logical help visitors take action and navigate with ease. You have to use menu’s logically and leverage the sidebar content accordingly. Also writing compelling headlines into your posts means a lot to drive visitors to your site.


Link internally to your other sites or posts and also to other’s websites. Visitors are waiting for specific detailed information and linking your content accordingly makes it more helpful and trustworthy. Also, Search Engines likes skillfully implemented linking.


A comprehensive user experience also includes the high availability of the site on all devices. Make sure that your website is accessible comfortable to view also in all mobile devices including small smartphones.


Site speed and site uptime are among those reasons that affect your visitors and your website traffic. When the site is loading slowly only a few people are going to wait. Site uptime is the longest possible time a site is flawlessly available. If there exist frequent breaks, people will lose their way. You can prevent that kind of error by choosing trustable website builders and hosting providers.


4. Leverage Your Traffic Statistics

The old saying states that “What gets measured, gets managed.” before you’re putting efforts to get more traffic, you must know your current traffic stats. Google Analytics is a great tool to measure your site traffic. It gives you valuable data about your site and visitors. For instance, what are your most popular pages, how, where, and when your site traffic is coming to your site. Through Google Analytics data you get great advice on how to develop your promotional and content strategies.

Google Analytics stats


5. Create Your Strategies

When you start to test new ways to get more traffic, you need to know how they’re working. The website content is your greatest marketing tool and your business asset. A comprehensive and documented Content Marketing Strategy is a key to success. You have to include all your content types into the strategy; blogs, reviews, ebooks, videos, podcasts, infographics etc.  Then you set up the primary goal of your content:  the quality level of your content, goals for traffic, leads, sales, commissions.

Online Business Strategies


Same thing about your audience, who are they, what they’re searching for, how to help them with your content, how to turn them from subscribers to customers etc. Make the same process for all your crucial business tasks and create proper measurement tools to measure, control, and develop all the different components of your business.


As you’ve noticed in this stage the goal to get more free traffic to your site and to your business, turns to overall online business development. That’s the way things evolve and experiments to get free traffic are processed and lead to the management of larger entities and fully-implemented entrepreneurship.



I’ve told you about how to get free website traffic, the 5 crucial things to know. Getting free, natural traffic through SEO and from other sources. How website appearance and user experience effect on the site traffic. How you can leverage your traffic statistics and your business strategies to increase your traffic. And finally how you can go forward from traffic strategies to overall online business development.


Affiliate Marketing is a type of online business where all the things discussed are crystallized. The importance of your website and it’s content. How to get the needed fuel, the website traffic, how to turn your audience into prospects leads and sales, and how to staple all pieces together and manage and develop it through plans, strategies, and measurements.


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That’s all this time. I hope you’ve gotten some new ideas on how to get free website traffic and how to turn your traffic into a successful affiliate marketing business. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.