How to set up a captivating website


If you have such an online business where a website is a key tool, you have to put efforts for its design. Affiliate marketing and content marketing, in general, are the kind of online businesses where the website and the website content are most important for a successful online business. The website is your sales channel and the more visitors you get to your site, the more likely they are clicking on your sales links and buying the products you are promoting. How to create a captivating website is the main question when starting an online business in the circumstances just described.


There are a lot of things which are relevant for a distinctive and a personal website. You have to think about your niche, your audience, what they’re accepting to see on your site. The theme of your site is a remarkable feature. Your domain name, your site’s framework and the chances to develop your site performance are also crucial things which affect the overall impression of your site. Keep on reading forward and I do my best to describe more detailed how to create a captivating website.


Domain Name

When you have an interest, a passion for which you plan to build an online business, you must try to find a domain name that matches well to it. Let me give you an example.

You’re fancy about American Football. You know a lot about it and you can write articles of the game, teams, and reviews of football equipment for instance football helmets. If you find a domain name that matches to most popular Google search phrases or keywords which people use when searching football helmets, you are near to receive a plenty of natural traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to your website. You can do this pelkästään choosing a proper domain name.


You can test the possible options by making Google searches of suitable keywords or phrases such as best football helmets, and try out if the corresponding domain name is available:  Putting some time and effort into this research, you can incorporate a free and continuous traffic flow to your site.


best football helmets



domain search

Website Builders & Hosting


You may think that a website builder and hosting services have a little impact how captivating a website is. That is not the case, however. What features the builder offers is much relevant to site functionality. There are website builders for the basic needs and others which has more capability and extension for different website options. If you’re running an online business with your website, you may prefer a website builder which can handle all your needs as your business grows. Then you have the chance to develop your website in a long run. You can read more about website builders here.

Website hosting affects vastly on few things which are of cardinal importance what comes to a user -friendly website. those things are the website uptime and the speed of loading the site. The website uptime means the efficiency of your website, the longest possible site uptime. If there are frequent breaks on the site, you can guess how visitors are affected.

The site speed has an increasingly significant impact on site visitors. If the site doesn’t load fast, fewer and fewer are going to wait. Choosing a comprehensive website builder and hosting you can make it sure that you have all the tools to make your site captivating. I’ve published an article  How To Find A Quality Hosting Provider


Website Themes& Site Framework

Website theme may give the biggest first glance impression for the visitor. The first impression is of great importance to most of us, and thus finding a suitable theme is of paramount importance. You can find thousands of different site themes out there, both free and paid versions. If you wish to customize your site in a most personal way, you can use a special website designer for that purpose.

The most important thing is that the site theme is as suitable as possible for the features of your online business and for the target audience you are offering your message.


WordPress website themes

The framework of your site includes the navigation, the fluent layout of different site components such as the posts and pages, site comments, sidebar widgets and so on. A clear and easy-to-use site structure creates a professional impression alongside the content of the site.



Site Framework


Creating Captivating Content

Although the appearance and usability of the site are significant to the site’s appreciation, the quality of the site content is the most important thing.


The content, what you are writing on your site, has to be relevant to your business. When you’re promoting other companies products, you write articles relevant those companies and their products. Your goal is to help your audience find solutions to their problems and help them in every way,


Your writing should be fresh and conversational and include interactive features. In addition to the text, you use relevant images, videos, and charts. Visuality of your content complete the writing. You have to convince your reader’s that you honestly want to help them and solve their problems. Doing so you’re creating trust among them and this, in turn, will make them return to your site again. When you create trust and authority, you have the real chances to make recommendations (sell your products).


When you’re writing up-to-date content that is informative, helping and entertaining, not stingy, then you’re able to gain whatever you want. With quality content you deserve also the search engine’s trust and through that you get Page 1 rankings, more visitors, more leads ,conversions and  more sales.





How to set up a captivating website is the title of this article. What makes a website captivating maybe not so clear. Everyone knows some of the features which make a site attractive, but I’ve tried to present a whole combination of those things which are proven to affect positively to getting traffic to a single website.

I will summarize the main issues of captivating website to Top 5 categories:

  1. Domain relevant to search queries
  2. Top-Class website building & hosting
  3. Easy-to-use site structure
  4. Captivating website theme
  5. Quality content

Those are the main things to create a captivating website. If you want to leverage this information as soon as possible with your own online business, I have an extra category for you.

You have to find and join to a community with top-class online business training and fellow entrepreneurs where you’ll get trained to those things to create and leverage your website with your online business the best possible way. My #1 recommendation for that is an online business training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

You can get more detailed information about Wealthy Affiliate reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


Setting up a captivating website isn’t any rocket science. I hope you’ve gotten a kind of information you can utilize with your own online business and share it with anyone who might benefit from reading this article. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.