CFM Scam Or Legit


The internet is full of different schemes that promise to make you a millionaire with a mouse click. The supply is confusing and it is very difficult to make sure if the program is a scam or legit. There are still less known, functional and legit schemes out there. You only have to make some research to find them. Today I’m going to review Chris Farrell Membership.

So, is Chris Farrell Membership scam or legit?

I’m more than happy to walk you through the Chris Farrell Membership program and make a proper summary so that you can decide if it’s the right program for you.

CFM scam or legit



Chris Farrell Membership Overview

CFM is an easy-to-understand and step-by-step training course for beginners in online business. The program includes 4-week Fast Track program and 5 main training modules with several video tutorials in each module.

Chris Farrell is a successful internet marketer who has been a long time within the industry. He’s well-known of his enthusiasm and ability to coach others how to make money online. Chris Farrell membership was voted #1 coaching program in 2011 and 2012 by IMReport card.


In the following video, you get a short conclusion about what CFM really is.



Who Is CFM For?

CFM is primarily directed to the beginners. The program guides the basics of online business consistently and aims to create an overall picture of the earning process in online marketing. There isn’t any training for more advanced marketers. I do reccommend Chris Farrell Membership for beginners in online marketing.


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How Does CFM Work?

The 4-week training course focuses mainly on e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing. The focus of training is on three issues:

  1.  finding a profitable niche
  2.  creating an email list
  3.  promoting relevant products to your niche

The training is all about how to create a sales funnel for your products or services and how to monetize it. Training includes finding relevant marketing pitches, setting up a landing page or opt-in page. How to collect peoples email addresses using free gifts and once you have widened your list, follow up describers and deliver useful information to create a real relationship and trust within your target group. The last stage is to promote relevant products or services to people on your list.

The training package describes pretty closely how you start an affiliate marketing. However, Chris Farrell does not emphasize this, but everyone can choose either to market affiliate products or their own products.




1.   Trustworthy program
The content is clear and authentic without any hypes and unnecessary promises

2.   Easy-to-follow and consistent training
Training videos are short but form a clear ensemble that is easy to adopt

3.   Affordable price

CFM Pricing

4.    30-day Money Back Guarantee

You can always quit and get your money back if you aren’t satisfied




1. No training for advanced marketers
Training is designed and targeted just for beginners. If you have some experience with affiliate marketing and email marketing you will not find anything new from this program

2. A part of the content is updated

Even though online marketing is changing fast and updating is challenging, CFM should seriously focus on refreshing the content

3. CFM doesn’t offer a free trial
A free trial is a sign of a reliable and legitimate program. When CFM seems to be reliable and legit, a free trial would be a good addition to the program

4. There’s no sign of an active community and member’s forum

Community’s help is very important in learning new issues and member’s forums are usually full of chatting and debate about different questions. CFM community seems to be inactive and you can’t find any co-operation there.



Chris Farrell membership platform doesn’t include any tools of its own. The program has only recommendations for a few general tools such as Email Service AWeber, Landing Page Builder LeadPages, Website Builder Optimize Press, Screencast Provider Camtasia etc. It means that you have to pay separately for those services which all are third-party tools.

Chris Farrell membership training consists of 5 training modules:

1. Getting Started
2. 10 Minutes To Success
3. Money Making Labs
4. I Love Traffic
5. Webinars

Getting Started is a kind of program introduction, nothing else.

10 Minutes To Success is the main training course with several short (about 10 minutes) videos which focus on Finding A Niche, Getting Your Domain&Hosting;, WP basics, Creating Your Email Campaign, Traffic Generation, and Choosing Products To Promote. 

Making Money Labs include such topics as Video Marketing, Webinar Hosting, Using Facebook Ads, Creating Ebooks and some training at platforms called Leadpages and ClickFunnels.

In addition to that Chris is promoting The 4 Week Fast Track Program 
a training module whose content has no information as it was reported to be temporarily disabled



Chris Farrell membership Support consists of 3 Support Sections:

1. FAQ Support based on a knowledge base of frequently asked questions.
You can find great information there, but it’s quite difficult to use because of all the questions and answers are listed without any categorization.

2. Community Forum Support
This form of support does not seem to work because there are very few members in the forum and there is virtually no discussion in the forum

3. Ticket Support
If you have any questions you can leave a ticket to CFM Support Team
You can not wait for an immediate answer, but the answer or advice will surely come with some delay.   CFM Ticket Support . in my opinion the Ticket Suppor works better than the average within the industry.



Pricing is clear with one exception. There’s an upfront fee that isn’t mentioned. It’s a upsell called Chris Farrell’s Exclusive Email Swipe File ($47).

This seems to be a bit of an abuse that is based on the fact that beginners do not know enough about the tools and approaches that start email marketing. Chris is offering his personal Email Swipe File for the first Email Marketing Tool.

                                                                                   Join CFM Here




Chris Farrell Membership Program is focused on Email-Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. It goes straight to the core of making money online. Although those issues are well-known among more advanced marketers, CFM gives for beginners a compact knowledge package to start a successful online business.

This program avoids many frustrating attempts to create an effective online business. Instead of trying and failing, this program enables a faster and more efficient method for success.

The lack of this program is that it doesn’t go deeper into online marketing and different ways to make money online. It helps only beginners to make the right first step solutions.

You will find also online business training platforms suitable for both beginners and more advanced out there .Check out Wealthy Affiliate  for more comprehensive training with training modules for beginners and others.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Chris Farrell Membership Review. I wish you can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.