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Program name: Kris Clicks                                        

Official Website: Click Here

Price: 100 Free Credits to Start, Packages Vary ($5.95 – $144.95)                 

Creator: Kris Karafotas

Rank: 8 out of 10




How to increase a website traffic is a crucial question among all online marketers. Kris Clicks is a brand new platform designed to send traffic to your websites.  The idea is simple, you upload a  banner image, add your website link, and create the ad. After you’ve created the ad you have to enable it. That’s the whole thing. Then you can use free credits through Kris Clicks Advertising Exchange or buy different credit packages. And most certainly, traffic flows to your site!

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Upon signing up, you get 100 credits to try the system out.  This allows you to test drive the platform without having to make any commitments. This is the way I like because it’s certain proof that the scheme is a legit one, no credit card needed before  you  show me what you can offer me and then I’ll decide if I want to purchase. That’s cool!

You have 100 free credits to start  and after you run through those, you then have to purchase a credit package if you want to continue running ads.  There are several price points that will fit any budget.  The lowest being 1000 credits for only $5.95.  The highest package is $144.95 and that gives you 45,000 credits. Often there are  offer campaigns with 25-50%  cut in.

Kris Clicks also has a referral program where you can earn money by referring others.  Anyone you refer gets 100 Free credits and you get a percentage of whatever they purchase. Commison rate is 25% of your referral’s purchase.  So if your referrals purchase the largest package $144.95, you would receive $36.24.

The ads are run on already established partner traffic sites and networks.  The system deducts 1 credit each time a visitor clicks on your ad. In the settings area, you can choose exactly where you want the traffic to come from. You simply check the box next to the traffic type you want traffic from.


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Another great feature that Kris Clicks has is detailed information about the visitors that click on your ads.  You can see where they are coming from down to the city and state.  You also see how long they stayed on the page and what other pages they navigated to.  This information is priceless and helps you fine tune your campaigns. Here’s a view from my latest campaign.


how to increase a website traffic


Kris Clicks include also an “members only” advertising exchange where you can earn credits for free. More information below.


how to increase a website traffic



The Good:

  • Inexpensive source of traffic, PPC- costs far below the average (from 0.00322 – 0,0059 per visitor)
  • Easy to create ads
  • There’s a detailed information about each visitor (time on page, pages visited, location, etc)
  • You can create multiple ads
  • Free traffic exchange
  • Good affiliate program with 25% commisions


The Bad:

  •      You only get 100 credits to try it out (however for most people that’s enough to see how it works)
  •      Kris Clicks doesn’t work on Safari browser



Kris Clicks traffic platform is for any website’s owner who wonder how to increase a website traffic with inexpensive way. It definitely delivers traffic, you’ll see results immediately. If you don’t have a website, but you have affiliate links that you could send people to, this program is great for that too.  If you are interested in building a website, you can learn exactly how to do that at Wealthy Affiliate online business training platform. That’s the way how I learned it.



Kris Clicks include several price options, so called credit packages. Pretty often there’s also special offers with 25-50% cut off.


how to increase a website traffic



In addition to the basic tools, creating your ads,selecting the traffic type and detailed information about your  visitors, there’s also a connection to a Flash page platform where you can make  your own Flash Pages for your ad campaigns. Since this is a simple traffic platform, no actual training is available, but if you’re interested in online business training you can check out my #1 recommendation for that. The support site of Kris Clicks includes FAQ (frequently asked questions) and making a request about any problem you’ve faced with. The support works very well according to my own experience.



The service is specifically designed for business opportunities category. That means Kris Clicks is perfect if you have a lead capture page to promote business opportunities such as MLM, make money online and work from home. The platform is clear and easy to navigate and  it’s easy to create and submit your ads. The stat analysis can help you to test your traffic further. I’ve great experiences with Kris Clicks, I’ve gotten quality traffic, high converts and sales.


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Name: Kris Clicks

Website: Click here
Creator: Kris Karafotas
Price:100 Free Credits to Start, Packages Vary ($5.95 – $144.95)