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Finding proper methods for natural website traffic is the ground of a successful online business.You can use paid traffic to your site but getting natural traffic through SEO is in the long run a steady and profitable method for website marketing. It takes some time after setting up a website to get a continuing flow of website traffic. You have to get search engines interested in your site content and get your site ranked high. In addition to writing quality content you need to leverage seo optimization and keyword research to get traffic enough on your site. Traffic means money and big traffic means big money. That’s why it’s worth it to put some time and efforts for creating a flow of traffic.


What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is one method to get traffic from free, organic or natural search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Search engines have “a  primary search result storage” where web pages, posts, videos, listings etc are shown and get ranked. Rankings are defined based on what search engines consider being quality and helpful content and the most relevant for website visitors. Website content that is of high quality and helps people find what they are looking for online is one important factor for getting your site ranked high on search engines. The other important factor or method is the using of suitable keywords. In addition to that, there are also other methods effecting how your site will be ranked. Those are for example client requirements, link building and different reports or analysis of the website.

what is seo optimization

How To Find The Best Keywords?

As mentioned before the content writing and using keywords in the right way are the two most important things that influence how your website content is ranked on search engines. What is the keyword research and how to find the best keywords on your site?


Before I tell you about the keyword research, I highlight one thing. Do not ever write your content only for search engines. It’s a fault you regret later.The main purpose is to write what your visitors are waiting for. Answers and help with their questions and problems they want to solve. The quality content is before all and search engines notice when you’re writing content and keywords just for them. What’s then? Your rankings are coming lower and lower.


Okay, keyword research is a core task of SEO which helps you identify popular words and phrases people enter into search engines. When you make a keyword research you understand that certain keywords have higher demand than others and also how hard is the competition of those popular keywords.


Keyword research isn’t only a part of search engine optimization, it also gives you tips for your content marketing. Finding ideas for your articles and blog posts, finding what the needs of your audience really are, and keeps you update what’s happening in keyword research area.


So how to find the best keywords? Methods for that are Keyword Research Tools. Most keyword research tools give you following results for the word or phrase you insert into search. You see the results from the image below.

how to find the best keywords


The main target when you are searching a keyword is that the competition (QSR) would be under 300 (medium competition), rather below 200 (low competition). KQI is a keyword quality index indicator(great, normal, poor) . SEO power is a score based on traffic and competition and it means how easily a SEO optimized keyword will rank(the higher the score, more likely you will rank on the first page). Avg is the average number of searches each month and Traffic means how much traffic you can expect if you rank on page 1. For more detailed information you can read my blog post:  What Is A Keyword research?


How To Create Search Engine Friendly Website?


One of the methods for natural website traffic is a captivating website. I’ve told a lot about quality content, but in addition to that, there are other website features which can affect positively for getting natural traffic, visitors on your site. Creative, sterling and well-functioning site stands out from the mass and allows people to visit more easily on the site.


The website design, the theme may be the most captivating thing when a visitor enters to your site. The first impression often solves choices, as well as in this case. Also, the functionality of the site, how logical is the structure of the page and how easy it is to navigate, often determine whether visitors want to stay longer. The use of images and videos on content as well as all the interactive content on the site have a lot of influence on visitors choices.


methods to get natural website traffic


Here is one training of the visuality of a website. I hope you may get some inspiration for your own website designing



Getting Top-Class Training

I’ve described the key methods for natural website traffic. How to generate natural traffic from search engines to your website. SEO optimization, Keyword research, website content and website design are the most crucial factors. It is, however, rather slow to begin collecting information about these methods and converting the data into practical actions. This is the case at least if you are not familiar with these methods in the past.


My recommendation is to join a  top-class training platform which provides you step by step training about all these methods and practical actions you need to know for getting more natural traffic to your site. It has to be a proven process with up-to-date training courses and which must have wider references of good results. There are a lot of this kind of training providers out there, but it isn’t so easy to find a top-class proven process.


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My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate which is a leading online business training platform. You can learn about SEO optimization, Keyword research, how to set up a great website and how to create a continuous traffic flow. The education is still much wider than those mentioned above. The Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make money online, how to convert your website traffic to sales and create a successful online business. For more detailed information read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


I’ve presented you few methods for natural website traffic. I hope you’ve gotten a kind of information you can utilize with your own online business and share it with anyone who might benefit from reading this article. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.