Push Button traffic review


Getting natural traffic to a website usually requires long-term work. It requires knowing and applying SEO optimization, keyword research management,  creating high-quality site content and long waiting for the final breakthrough with your traffic explosion. Many of us get tired of waiting for the traffic flow and try out with something faster method or completely give up. Recently on the market has emerged web-based apps which don’t involve Search Engines, SEO or any expensive paid ads for getting traffic. Those apps allow you to get mass traffic from social media platforms. PUSH BUTTON TRAFFIC 3.0 is this kind of new app, just like a social media traffic generator. What it is exactly and how it works is explained in this review.


Push Button Traffic Overview


Push Button Traffic 3.0 is a cloud- based app designed to work with a simple system. With one mouse click, you can connect your social accounts to this app and deliver your posts, videos, images and texts to ten different social sites. You can then make offers and marketing campaigns through the app and get traffic from social platforms quickly and efficiently.


Push Button Traffic Dashboard


As you can see from the dashboard you can set up video, image and text campaigns and share them with the social sharing feature to different social media sites. Through the dashboard, you can join Push Button Traffic  Training Program and get trained how to incorporate traffic, leads, and sales in the best way. From the dashboard, you can find also the Support  Desk where to get help any time you get troubles.


Below is a Push Button traffic 3.0 Training Demo. You can get a short but clear overview how this app works in practice.





Who is Push Button Traffic for

Push Button Traffic 3.0 dashboard is easy-to-use and you can connect all your social media accounts to the dashboard with one click. It makes your social media appearance centralized and faster to use. In this sense, it suits all social media users regardless of their experience.  But if you want to make marketing campaigns and use social media traffic effectively in your online business, then you need expertise and experience in this business. Only experienced marketers can utilize Push Button Traffic app in the best possible way to generate and allocate traffic and convert it leads and sales. The benefit for the beginners is likely to be negligible.


The Good and the Bad


Secure Cloud Hosting

– There’s no need to install or update anything

– Cloud Hosting ensures your online security

Simple but a genius interface

– no special technical skills or experience needed

-suitable for any niche

– top-class and quick functionality

– access to excellent tools

– you can use Push Button Traffic App from any device

No Content Creation needed

– you have an access to free image and ready – to -go video providers through direct links

– you can add your affiliate links to any image or video with the push of the button and let the app post it for you


100 % Refund Policy

– full 30 days money back guarantee



-You need a quality Internet connection

-Due to this product is brand new there might be yet some errors in functionality

– You can’t get all the features with your front end package $17, if you wish to use packages with more features there are upsells for 4 extra packages: Elite Edition, Automation Edition, 500k Affiliate Edition, and Done For You Set Up Edition. The prices varies from $37 to $197.


My Final Opinion


In my opinion, Push Button Traffic 3.0 is a great tool for both centralizing social media usage and driving traffic from social media platforms to your offers and campaigns. This application has a great impact on online business efficiency. It simplifies and speeds up the process of managing our campaigns and different marketing tasks online. We’ll save a lot of time and energy with using Push Button Traffic as a marketing tool.



However, I think so that beginners and less experienced online marketers would first  join an appropriate online business training program and acquire the skills to conduct their own online business professionally and then utilize Push Button Traffic successfully in their own campaigns.

The More Successful Way To Make Money Online


Making money online isn’t so easy that many scheme providers tell us. Only a few of us manage to succeed from scratch. Most of the online millionaires has put time and efforts for years before they have found their business flourish. I think the issue is the same with this Push Button Traffic Application. You have first to do your “homework” before you can wait for a real success with your online business.

I recommend you to join a top-class online business training platform to build a strong foundation in online marketing, especially Affiliate Marketing. Tha platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can get more info about it clicking the link below.


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