Hello, and welcome as Kari Havu Company Members.

I’m an affiliate marketer from Finland and I’m worked in the business about 10 years.

My mission is to help people to start their own online business easily without any stress.

I’ve seen many beginner’s failed after few months due to lack of knowledge about how to find the best needed technical tools

and proper training to guide them immediately to the right direction.

There are great so-called all-in-one platforms that offers all the needed tools and training to get your started and develop your online business

successfully. I’m going to tell about those service provider’s more very soon.


I’m proud to get you into my team and I hope I can give your honest information how to learn online business.

I’m concentrated thus far in affiliate marketing and I recommend it also to you, because it in my opinion the easiest and most affordable way

to start online business.


I’ve promised you a free E-book ” How To Learn Online Business” and you can pick it up clicking the link below

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Talk soon!