The 5 features of legitimate online schemes


Which are the 5 features of legitimate online schemes? Scammers online have increased and they have come up with increasingly cunning ways to fool the cheeky consumers. I do not think that many of us have been succeeded to avoid scams online.

What makes people develop spoofing. Of course, money and earning it easily and quickly. The technology allows to create a professional and reliable image of  the company and many go trapped.

In general, there are ways to identify and avoid dishonest online players. A 100 percent guarantee hardly anyone can provide but there are verified features of scam programs and in the same way features of legitimate programs. My own approach is based on identifying the special features of legal online programs.


5 Features Of Legitimate Online Schemes

The following features are generally the cornerstones of legal and well-functioning online companies. However, it is good to look at the backgrounds of the online schemes from many trusted sources before making a decision to join the program.


legitimate affiliate programs



Most legal online programs offer a free trial. During the trial, it is possible to know in detail what is the content of the program and how it works in practice. The founders of the company are usually involved in describing the background of the company, the current state and development of the company in the future. The trials usually last 30 days or more, giving you a fairly good overall understanding of the functions and their level.



In the offers and other promotional material, the product or service price is presented exactly. What is the total price and what’s it include. Is there any extra charges or upsells for additional services. All this is described clearly when we’re talking about legal and decent online schemes.



The essence of the program, the product or service itself is described in sufficient detail. How it works and what added value it brings to the customer. Generally, the descriptions contain easy-to-understand practical examples that open up the product’s features and functionality. The information offered contains easily verifiable facts, not dreams or illusions.



Legitimate and trustworthy companies do not use information that is lacking in reality in their advertising or otherwise misleading promotional materials. No luxurious videos of sweet life that wait for only a few clicks away but only the real content of the product or service what is offered to consumers.


I’m worked as an affiliate marketer for a while and I have come across many MLM (multi-level-marketing) programs which make a false presentation as being in affiliate marketing industry.
In reality, they have nothing to do with affiliate marketing but just want to fool people into MLM with false advertising. I do not claim that MLM would be totally illegal, and it is not, but very much cheating happens in the way I just described


The Most Common Online Scams

In addition to what are the features of legitimate online schemes, it is good to look at the most common scam schemes. This is how you can make the right choices to find legal and good online schemes and to avoid the most typical scammers.

PHISHING SCAMS    The most common online scams

Phishing scams are e-mails which try to catch personal information such as passwords for a bank account, email address&password;, credit card info and other personal information. These e-mails will attract the recipient to visit the fancied website that looks like a real bank site or e-commerce site. All the information that the victims will insert into the site will be transferred to the scammers. This kind of scams is also free ebooks which are completely promotional without any actual value. The only aim is to get the contact information of the subscriber.



Offers $7-$49 which promote different products and services, mostly digital products. After purchasing you get direct upsells without which you can not take advantage of the product. There are also major shortcomings in product quality and functionality.



Social media are becoming more common in scams that mimic the so-called “lifestyle and image marketing”. Stories and fictional testimonials of enrichment in online business. They assure that you can change your life with the given program and you get the training needed to become a millionaire overnight.



These scams use old well-known themes as a platform for cheating. Businesses present as being a part of a certain industry or scheme and they are something else in reality. For example, presenting as being affiliate marketing companies though are MLM ( multi-level-marketing) companies whose operating principles are completely different.


Take The Legit And Proven Opportunity


You may feel confused and disbelieving about the schemes of online marketing since reading the article so far. But there are still absolutely legit opportunities out there. Affiliate marketing has been used to the benefit of the scammers and therefore has caused unjustified suspicion of the industry. Affiliate marketing is ethical and legitimate and it offers an incredible amount of opportunities in online business. The big companies are using affiliate marketing worldwide as their marketing strategy and for affiliate marketers are available over 500 million products and services to promote and earn commissions.



Shortly described, Affiliate Marketing is a 4-Step process. It is an easy and affordable way to start your own online business. No big investments, no special skills needed. When you find the right platform you can start affiliate markering from scratch.



You can choose any of your interests, hobbies or passions as your business idea or a direction for your business, write blogs or articles and promote products or services relevant to your interest.



A website is a basic and very important tool for an affiliate marketer. It is your promoting tool, a tool for getting traffic and a tool for creating authority within your target audience. Without a website, you can’ t any successful online business. Setting up a website is easy and fast process nowadays. The modern technique of website builders makes the work for you in few minutes. You don’t need any programming- or other special skills.


SEO ranking page 1, position 1



Traffic is the money generator in affiliate marketing. When you write content on your site, you have to get visitors = traffic in order to sell the stuff you’re promoting. The primary method and free method is getting rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Quality content and the keyword research are the key tools to get high rankings and continuous traffic flow. You can also use paid traffic, for instance, PPC(pay per click) to get traffic to your site. Other methods are leveraging social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+  for your traffic procurement.



When you start promoting products or services you have to join to affiliate programs. They are usually free to join and you can find millions of products that you can promote through affiliate links within your site content. The commissions paid for a sale range from 2% to 80 % of the product price.


This is the process of making money as an affiliate marketer. All you need is a professional platform that provides you with training on affiliate marketing and where you will find all the tools you need to start, develop and monetize your own online business. The online business training platform that meets all of the required services is called Wealthy Affiliate  and it offers you a completely Free Starter Membership without any other obligations. I highly recommend you to join the Free Starter Membership and check out what Wealthy Affiliate includes and how it works. I’m sure you will not regret it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about The 5 Features Of Legitimate Online Schemes. I wish you can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.







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