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Share A Sale Affiliate Network has been involved in business for 16 years. Share A Sale build tools to help their clients succeed in Affiliate Marketing. With over 4000 merchants and over 40 product categories, free marketing tools, newsletters and webinars Share A Sale offers the smart affiliate marketing strategy of beginner’s  to more experienced marketer’s.

WEBSITE:                   https://                                                     
OWNER:                    Brian Littleton
PRICE:                       Free for affiliates, merchant’s  $ 550 access fee + minimum deposit of $ 100
OVERALL RANK:    90/100


What’s Shareasale?  Shareasale was founded in 2000 and it’s one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks in the industry. It’s a platform for merchants and affiliates which can benefit from each other. For merchant’s Shareasale offers a platform to launch affiliate programs on and for affiliates a wide category of merchants and products to work with. Shareasale is a two-way program in which merchants register their products  on the platform and affiliate marketers sign up and promote those products and get a commission  for each sale made through their websites. You can read more detailed information about Affiliate Marketing here. Shareasale affiliates can choose of over 4000 merchants and 40 different product categories. They have plenty of quality products to promote whatever category their website or blog may fall under. This affiliate marketing network provides also newsletters, webinars and real- time tracking to help your online marketing campaigns.


The next video shows you how to use Share A Sale system as a blogger or an affiliate:



THE GOOD:                                                                                                 

Pro # 1

You can find a lot of affiliate programs to choose from at share a sale’s platform. Over 4000 merchants and tens of thousands of products and services. Thus you can easily find an affiliate program and a product  well-suited to your website or blog. If you are overwhelmed about what to choose, Share asale’s customer service will help you to find the best partner to work with.


Pro # 2

Shareasale offers a wide variety of free marketing tools to help you with your marketing efforts such as landing page creator, video creator, email list builder and pay per call center. Such a tools are often charged separately in other affiliate programs.


Pro # 3

You need to have an access to a solid reporting features to track how your online business is going. Shareasale has a bunch of tools to generate different reports for transactions and activity, revenues and reversals. You can customize your reports so that they only display the desired information.



Con # 1                                 

Where the most affiliate networks like Clickbank and CJ have improved their websites design, style, and usability, Shareasale seems to be totally stuck with quite an old-fashioned style. As a new affiliate signed up he or she may notice the Shareasale website and platform too clumsy and confusing. There’s an excessive amount of data, different choices and options but a lack of coherence in style. It can be even a barrier for many new affiliates.


Con # 2

Although Shareasale has proper marketing tools for affiliates, you still should have an advanced knowledge of how to set-up a website, how to write quality content, how to find keywords, and what’s SEO optimization.  There’s a lack of step by step training for the basics for those who are just starting as affiliate marketers. If you have a need for that, I highly recommend my # 1 online training community called Wealthy Affiliate. Read more: My Wealthy Affiliate Review.




Now when you know a little bit of what’s Shareasale , I will tell you about who is Shareasale for and who can benefit  joining the program. Shareasale is a decent platform for small businesses and also huge corporations to launch their affiliate programs and through it marketing their products to reach a wider audience. For affiliates, bloggers and entrepreneurs Shareasale is a great affiliate marketing network to find suitable partners and products to promote on their websites and blog posts and get commissions from sales made through their websites.


To succeed as an affiliate marketer at Shareasale, one should have sufficient equipment, knowledge, and experience of affiliate marketing. It means a website and domain name of your own, proper niche and product to promote, skills to create quality content on websites and traffic enough on their websites so that their offers converts and they can make sales and commissions to incorporate a profitable online business.


When you know the basics Shareasale can offer a workable platform, quality affiliate programs, marketing tools, support and an opportunity to learn more of online businesses. All that and a hard work makes it possible that the success will come.




Shareasale offers free marketing tools such as making a video and a landing page, affiliate reports such as activity details, merchant timespan, traffic report, today at a glance etc. A product showcase keeps up to date your merchant partner’s latest products, prices, and availability.


Shareasale arranges training webinars and events throughout the month, they have Newsletters, Best Practices, Merchant & Affiliate Resources which give you tips for specific areas of managing your affiliate program on Shareasale. They have also a Shareasale blog where the members have a chance for open dialog and comments with each other and with Shareasale customer service.



Shareasale Help Center is the main support area on the platform. Submitting a ticket to Help Center you can ask whatever you wish to know. Help Center maintain a knowledge base of all common frequently asked questions(FAQ)




Shareasale has accounts for merchants and affiliates. Affiliate account is free to join and Merchant account is charged a one-time access fee of $50 and A minimum deposit of $100.




Shareasale is a real and legitimate affiliate marketing network. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Shareasale gives you a great opportunity to execute a profitable online business. It’s interface and useful tools, real-time tracking and valuable affiliate services help you to succeed. Maybe it isn’t the best place to start those who are as beginners in online marketing. There’s more suitable step by step online training platforms for beginners out there, such as Wealthy Affiliate.  If you think that Shareasale is just the right place for you, Sign Up Here.


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Name:                                         Share A Sale Affiliate Marketing network          


Owner:                                        Brian Littleton

Price:                                           Free for affiliates, merchant’s  $ 550 access fee + minimum deposit of $ 100

Overall  Rank:                          90/100