This is the ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020. Wealthy Affiliate, a well-known Affiliate Program, has worked now 15 years in the heart of online business training, concentrating on Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate platform includes all the technical tools for website-based online business, affiliate training courses, live video tutorials, and live chat forums for members. Wealthy Affiliate has also its own affiliate program. Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free Starter Membership without any time limits or credit cards.  In this review, I’m going to make an honest estimate of what Wealthy Affiliate is like, is it legit, what’s the pros and cons, and to whom this platform is suitable to join.







Wealthy Affiliate was founded 15 years ago, in September 2005 in Canada.

The founder’s Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim started their business as a Keyword List platform. PPC marketing was then a popular paid traffic tool and people were searching for converting keywords and keyword lists.



KYLE                                                                     CARSON & FAMILY


After 15 years Wealthy Affiliate has expanded into a comprehensive all-in-one platform with all the needed tools, training, help, and support to offer over a million members to build a profitable online business.

Today Wealthy Affiliate is a modern and renewable actor in the online business industry. It’s an active and helpful affiliate training community helping beginners and more advanced marketers to set up their own niche websites and earn money as affiliate marketers. Here are a few crucial things that Wealthy Affiliate offers you:

  • Step-by-step training on how to set up your website from scratch & learn how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business
  • All-in-One Platform with essential tools & resources for your online business (e.g. website builder, web hosting, keyword research tool…)
  • Comprehensive Support System in place for you to get help 24/7
  • Amazingly Active & Helpful Community

Recently Wealthy Affiliate made a vast update of its interface, navigation, and other main functions. That offers all the members a brand new platform experience and possibilities to leverage from it in their own online business transactions. Here’s a link to the founder Kyle’s blog post where he describes the new interface, and Wealthy Affiliate’s future.

If you don’t know much about what Wealthy Affiliate actually is, or you wish to get a deeper view of it, I hope this review gives you a sufficient overview.





Here’s a list of all the tools provided in Wealthy Affiliate for your reference:

  • Web Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • Website Domain Registration
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Custom Business Email Address
  • Website Comment & Feedback Platform
  • Website Writing Platform
  • Website Support

These tools and services have no additional charges except for domain names (URL of your site) that costs each $14 to $16 per year.

To purchase a domain name (URL of your website), it only costs $14 to $16 per year.

Here’s one example of Wealthy Affiliate’s tools. You can see how WA’s website builder set up a website from the scratch in a few minutes. Watch this video tutorial.




Wealthy Affiliate offers 3 main types of training:

    1. Official Step-By-Step training
      • Online Entrepreneur Certification, 5 courses & 50 lessons
      • Affiliate Bootcamp for promotion of Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program, 7 courses & 70 lessons
    2. Weekly Live Training Webinars performed by WA’s training chief Jay
    3. Member-Generated Training


Official training courses include 50-70 lessons. They are organized as easy-to-follow and go through. Each lesson has assigned tasks to make it clear what to do for each lesson.

Weekly Live Training includes webinars where Jay teaches about various topics related to Affiliate Marketing, topics that aren’t published in the Official Courses.

Member-Generated Training means that members are allowed to create their own training on any topic they consider being valuable to share with the whole community. There is a specific platform for this training and Wealthy Affiliate will offer you credits for your training depending on the popularity and engagement of your training. Below is an example of Weekly Live Training Webinars.



The pure technical support at Wealthy Affiliate has been operated by Site Support that operates 24/7/365
There’s a Site Support Ticket System with a wide FAQ library where you find the solutions for most typical questions. If you can’t get help there, the Site Support group gets the solution for you. I’m very grateful for the spectacular work that this group has done. All the cases I’ve asked for support have resolved fast and accurately.

Inside the community, the platforms 24/7 Live Chat, Ask The Community, Private Messages, and Access To The Owners help you in addition to Site Support’s help.

Here’s the list of support options you get inside Wealthy Affiliate:

      • 24/7 SiteSupport – Help you solve technical issues for your website
      • 24/7 Live Chat – Get quick answers for any questions you have
      • Ask The Community – Acts like a “support ticket” to the community for help
      • Private Messages – You can request help from other members
      • Access to the Owners – An outstanding feature of WA is that you can send direct private messages to the owners, Kyle & Carson for help!
      • My Personal Support – Me as all the WA members are glad to be your mentor and assist you along your journey towards financial success






Wealthy Affiliate is a complete ALL-IN-ONE platform. Before I found WA, I’ve had many experiences with other programs out there. Many of them are simply just affiliate courses to teach you various online marketing concepts. If you want to get all the needed tools and services for a complete affiliate business you have to subscribe to other tool providers to get your business running.

You have to buy all the services for running your website. Website builder, hosting&security;, keyword research tool, etc. For sure, that means additional costs. At Wealthy Affiliate, all these services include your membership fee. This is really an advantage comparing the most similar platforms that can’t offer such a package. That’s why this is one of the best things at WA and makes this program an affordable and price-effective concept.



Too many online programs use upsells as their main earning method. The affordable “basic package” is next to nothing and it’s only used to get customers in.
You have to buy separately those services that are urgent for your business.

Wealthy Affiliate’s marketing information tells exactly what you’ll get when you join.



Premium membership includes all the needed tools and services for a successful affiliate business. The Premium Plus Membership has established in November 2020 and in addition to Premium it offers broader keyword research services and broader content of weekly video tutorials and some other more advanced services.





The truth is that out there are many programs that require their members to promote the program’s own membership. They require you to purchase their own high ticket product and then promote it to get commissions. For most of such programs incorporating moneymaking business happens only by “recruiting” more customers into their system.


At Wealthy Affiliate, you can choose any niche in the world and create your business around it. WA’s training course Entrepreneur Certification includes 10 courses and 50 lessons to teach you just for that.

There isn’t any sign to force you to promote the Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program.

You can check it out by taking a tour with WA’s Free Starter Membership.




WA community, near 2 million members is a huge group.
I can’t stop wondering how such a large number of members can be as cohesive, helpful, and active as WA members are. It can even be compared to a football team. A group of like-minded members who have a common goal and a kind of cohesion that encourages each other to help and come up with ideas to achieve their goals. Members are eager to communicate and ready to express positive vibrations to create a great community spirit.

The communicating tools Live Chat, Ask A Question, Private Message are used a lot and you can’t get such a feeling anywhere else when you get a solution to your sore puzzle from the community’s data bank.





Wealthy Affiliate’s training programs are varied and easy to adopt but a few important aspects are overlooked. The training focuses much on organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the main method to drive free targeted traffic to your website. The paid traffic options receive too little attention. Pay per Click (PPC) for Bing&Google; and training on Facebook Ads are the only training lessons for paid traffic. Weekly Video Tutorials include some training like YouTube Advertising etc but as said the main focus is on SEO. It is a pity that paid advertising has no more weight. Through paid traffic, you can get leads and sales faster than through SEO, and that’s why Wealthy Affiliate members have to wait a long time to see the results.

The whole on which the training focuses consists of the following components which are well crafted.

  • Set up a WordPress website from scratch​
  • Write quality content for your blog
  • Optimize your content/website for SEO and ranking
  • Choose the right affiliate program/product to promote & earn a passive income


It’s a great thing that Wealthy Affiliate has a versatile and high-quality concept. Because of this, a variety of information is also shared tremendously with members. Adopting this constant flow of information can produce difficulties at the beginning and interfere with the systematic progress of creating your own business.

In the beginning, it is important to focus on completing the training program and creating your own website. After that, you can focus on shared information more widely. The content of the information is by no means useless and in the future, you can use it in many ways to develop your business.




From my experience, I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam. The concept works for everyone, even for people who have no college degree, no working experience, or knowledge about coding and programming. For example, there is nothing in Wealthy Affiliate’s advertising that could lead you to expect something other than what the actual concept contains.



When you’re planning to start as an affiliate marketer, or you aren’t fully satisfied with your current platform, Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice. If you’re looking at the majority of the programs today, it looks like after a good start their business model can’t last, and after a few years, they got shut down.

Wealthy Affiliate has been in the business for 15 years and still going strong. This shows that its business concept works well. A significant reason for this is that WA regularly renews and updates its operations.

Despite its small shortcomings, a versatile all-in-one program with a good value for money, and evidence that its members are doing well in their business Wealthy Affiliate is a competitive option.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter Membership is an outstanding chance to check it out for free how it works and is it the right choice for you?

You can join the Free Starter Membership as long as you wish and there aren’t any charges or upsells coming.

Thanks for reading The Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020. I really wish to see you inside soon.