Wealthy Affiliate is stated in many reviews as  ‘the best online business university where’s the REAL chance to learn top online business at home. Wealthy Affiliate is in a way one of the home business pets, popular and loved by hundreds of thousands members.   In this review you can find out the facts about Wealthy Affiliate, which are it’s pros and cons, and is it the right place for you to make top online business at home.


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Product name :  Wealthy Affiliate                                                                                                                                               

My rating :            9.5 /10                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Price:                     $ 0  for starter membership, premium membership: first month 19$, then 49$

Website:              http://wealthyaffiliate.com

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Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that can teach anyone how to start their own online business. It is more of an interactive community of entrepreneurs helping each other make money online. If you think that you will start making money by simply joining  WA,  it’s not going to happen that way.

The biggest difference between Wealthy Affiliate and the other online programs is that WA doesn’t sell hype and false promises and it doesn’t promise to make you rich overnight. Instead, it promises to teach, educate and support you to start and run a successful online business.

It takes time and effort to make your first sells, but you will do them if you’re patient and go through the lessons and take advantage of WA Community’s  help in developing your business. The point is that if you gonna have any chance of succeeding online, then you’d get as much help as possible, and that’s what you really get in WA society.

After first 9 lessons, you’ve will learnt a lot of different aspects of online marketing such as these:

You have already accomplished A LOT…

In just your first 9 lessons, you have already accomplished the following:

  • Set-up your account profile here at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Interacted with others fellow marketers and aspiring marketers via live chat                    wa training schedule
  • Understood the process of earning money online
  • Chosen a niche from scratch
  • Have create your very OWN website
  • Have set-up the website for success
  • Have activated your website plugins
  • Understand how to create find and install one of over 20,000 plugins on your website
  • Created your very first page of content on your website
  • Have created many relationships with others here at WA
  • Have gotten timely help when you needed it
  • Understood the process of keyword research
  • Found a bunch of awesome keywords
  • Created valuable content within your niche
  • Learned a bunch of powerful stuff that is going to help lead you to SUCCESS





WA has succeeded in creating not only  “how to ” type series of lessons on marketing, but also lessons on how the different aspects relate to each other.  When you learn how things are interrelated, ‘The Big Picture’,  it is much easier to learn and understand the smaller entities.





The most important thing that makes WA unique is the Wealthy Affiliate Community and it’s great support. This is the main reason that people can increase their knowledge of online marketing and succeed in it. Therefore, the WA members are very loyal to the community. A similar community cohesion and support is something that other programs fail to provide.

If you have problems in any process sub-region, many members are immediately ready to assist you in WA Live Chat where they also share their ideas and experiences for everyone. Hundreds of thousands member’s database is a huge capital of online marketing learning.

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WA’s training courses are  variable and systematic. Courses are proceeding with the basics to larger entities logically and information can always be supplemented by chat or by asking  directly from the founders Kyle and Carson.

There’s over 1000 training modules beginning from setting up your first website to larger aspects of your online business.  Wealthy Affiliate is  much more than a product. Unlike other online training programs, it isn’t just some downloadable guide or series of video tutorials. It’s essentially like a university for online business entrepreneurs.


The following is a summary of Pros and Cons which have been examined as broadly as possible. WA’s  Pros and Cons compared with  the equivalent  programs on the market .


  • No experience necessary, the training and tools are designed for anyone to use
  • Clear plan of action

  • Up to date training, step by step tutorials and courses plus video training

  •  Tons of additional training uploaded by the members of the community

  •  Unlimited web hosting for premium members, 2 easy to build free websites available for starter members

  • 24/7 live&interactive help and support from owners and expert members

  • Unlimited use of the WA keyword tool (30 monthly searches for starter members)

  • A strict spam free environment

  • Free membership for starter members


  • A lot of information that can be overwhelming
  • WA is a highly interactive community so it’s easy to get caught in the social aspect and spend too much time online
  • Starter members have to upgrade to Premium in order to access advanced training
  • Not allowed to advertise or sell within WA (warning for spammers)



Wealthy Affiliate is a community that encourages you to do what you love, and this makes running an online business more joyful and profitable. For example, if you love video games you’d set up a website that tells about video games and help people to make a purchasing decision.

If you’ve been unsure of accession in WA,  I hope that this review has given you the necessary information about is WA okay for you or not?  Do you want to be one of the home business pets?


If you have questions, comments or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help any way I can. If you wish you can also visit my profile and send me a private message.


Kari Havu