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Price: Free Starter Membership, first month $19,Premium $49, yearly $359

Owners: Kyle and Carson


Rank: 98 out of 100

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Established in 2005 Wealthy Affiliate has been on the business over 10 years period. Wealthy Affiliate has continuously developed its activities on the terms and conditions of its members and has become one of a leading online business training network in the world. Wealthy Affiliate’s founders are Kyle and Carson and the company is also known as WA or Wealthy Affiliate University. In these Wealthy Affiliate Reviews my intention is to present a comprehensive and honest estimate of how well Wealthy Affiliate really works.


Indeed, WA is like an online university where members can learn broadly about Internet Marketing, Affiliate marketing, making money creating a niche website within you own interests, selecting the best affiliate programs out there and earn revenue from that. You get learned also how to capitalize you website without selling anything such as using ads on you website as a source of revenue. Wealthy Affiliate has also its own affiliate program with good commissions and a special training platform for that.




The Good:

PRO #1

The most exclusive feature at Wealthy Affiliate is an interactive and versatile training module that includes the Get Started and Affiliate Bootcamp courses and is complemented by separate Classrooms and Live Video Classes sections. Those all are interactive training where you first learn the very well illustrated theory and then you apply the theory to practice and finally tell you progress to the community and get tips for solving problems, feedback and comments to going on to you goals. The training works excellently step by step, you can always get help if you need it and you can also always go back to the section you’ve missed.


Wealthy Affiliate Training
What is also great with Wealthy Affiliate training is the two paths of training. Online entrepreneur certification course is the one which train you to use you website as an asset for you own desires to make money online. You can choose anything that you’re fancy about, a hobby, an interest, what so ever, and use you website to promote those things.


The other path, The Affiliate Bootcamp, concentrates on training to implement WA’s own affiliate program. In other words promoting the product called The Wealthy Affiliate, the full service online business training company.


Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp


PRO #2


The coordination of WA’s operations into a full service package is a very valuable service for all its users. Numerous important assistant functions have been created to support the Wealthy Affiliate training. The WordPress website builder, website hosting & security,24/ 7 help and support, thousands of WP website themes, domain name service, own keyword tool, website content tool, website comment tool and several functions that ensures you websites protection, health and speed.


It’s quite a lot easier, affordable and time-consuming when you can get all those services from the same platform. These features make WA a unique player on the market


Site Rubix


PRO #3


Jaaxy Keyword & Niche Research is wealthy Affiliate’s own keyword system. Keyword research in online marketing is one of the most important issues when we talk about getting traffic to you website. How to find a SEO targeted keyword is a fundamental question and Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy Keyword tool is one of the most efficient tools what you can find.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool
Jaaxy Keyword Tool’s specifications are based on a large-scale research and comparative data testing. Through these Jaaxy decided to adopt an algorithm that utilize data from all search engines, not only from Google. So they reveal such a search data which better reflects the actual, real numbers on keyword searching. So Jaaxy is able to give all the decent info on keywords; the competition, the amount of searches, an estimate of monthly traffic, the QSR which indicates to competition and some quality indicators.


The great advantage what Jaaxy keyword tool offers is the simplified research process. You can easily and fast get the useful data that’s most important for you keyword research. That gives you the chance to find the best SEO targeted keywords to bring traffic on you site.

Watch here a video tutorial about keyword research with Jaaxy


Keyword Research With Jaaxy



PRO #4


Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership is a unique offer within the same kind of platforms. WA has two membership options Starter Membership and Premium membership.

There are 2 official training courses on offer, and as a free member you can do the first 10 lessons of each course(Getting Started, Affiliate Bootcamp) to try it out.

Starter Members can also create and host 2 websites for free for as long as you like via the SiteRubix website building platform, with heaps of fantastic free themes to choose from to make you sites look awesome.

No credit card details are required when you join as a free member, and you can remain a free member for as long as you like.

Through you free lessons, you can learn the basics of online marketing; building you website, keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO) and of course how to make money with you resources.

Premium Membership Is the path to go towards a real online success

This level of membership gives you complete access to everything on offer on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, so its well worth the upgrade once you’ve had a chance to test things out with the free membership. Below is a chart that describes the membership options between Starter and Premium membership. Clicking the button Create Your Account Today  you can join the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership now.





The Bad:

CON #1

Wealthy Affiliate has a huge amount of different information. Especially if you are not yet very familiar with the industry you can feel overwhelmed. It is not worth to pick out too much information at once but go one step at a time.

CON #2

WA is a highly interactive community with 24/7 chat and other forums for conversations, so it’s easy to get caught in the social aspect and spend too much time online. It’s best to plan you daily schedule so, that you have a certain exact time to spend with social contacts and you have to stick to it.


CON #3

Starter members have to upgrade to Premium in order to access advanced training. You can remain a free member for as long as you like but you got stacked and you possibilities to further aren’t so good as if you go to Premium.


CON #4

Wealthy Affiliate is strict in any aspects when we are talking about scam online or protecting members online security. That’s why it is not allowed to advertise or sell within WA (warning for spammers)





Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that is well suited for a variety of people. It is suitable for beginners as training and orientation is implemented as a step-by-step model. It is also suitable for the most advanced online marketers and business owners because Wealthy Affiliate is in the nerve of time and gets information about the latest developments in the industry and hence gives the ability to develop every entrepreneurs businesses.
Wealthy Affiliate is not targeted at small special groups but rather on people who are in a wide variety of stages, combining the goal of succeeding in online business.





I have already described in previous chapters Wealthy Affiliate’s tools and training extensively. There are variety of tools that is required when starting an online business, and also when it is carried on. Here is a summary of these services.


Wealthy Affiliate Training


  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Online Business Training
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Training Classrooms
  • Live Video Classes
  • Live Video Walk-Throughs
  • One-To-One Coaching Within Community

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

  • WordPress Website Builder&Themes;
  • Website Hosting&Security;
  • Site Manager
  • Site Domain Name
  • Site Content
  • Site Comment&Feedback;
  • Site-Rubix Website Tool
  • Website Protection
  • Website Speed
  • Website Link Tracking
  • Live Chat





The Wealthy Affiliate Product Support operates 24/7/365. Site Support gives mainly technical support for members websites. There’s a Site Support Ticket System with a wide FAQ library where you find the solutions for most typical questions. If you don’t find help there, the Wealthy Affiliate Product Support get the solution for you. The case has solved nearly in every case under 30 minutes. The functionality of the product support is incredibly fine.


On Wealthy Affiliate Main Page is an Activity Dashboard and a Live Chat which work like a community forum for members questions, comments and feedback. This kind of forum is great and you can get help and support when ever you need and always someone has the info that you need.


After every lesson on training courses there is a thread section where you can communicate with others about the training issues, tasks and goals. Training course are thus very interactive and you get help and support from other members also there.


The most delightful thing is that the founders of the Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson are actively involved in providing personal feedback and help for community’s members. They are not invisible characters but participate in a daily discussion of current affairs. This is a very remarkable way of support and the members really appreciate it.





Wealthy Affiliate pricing includes four levels:

Free Starter Membership $0

Premium Membership, first month $19

Premium Membership after 1st month $49

Premium Membership, Yearly $359


Yearly Premier Membership is charged as a one time payment and other Premium Memberships monthly







My affiliate program review of Wealthy Affiliate is missing anymore a summary. In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is a versatile, modern and encouraging online business training program. The ensemble of the training courses and different high-quality tools and great support functions makes Wealthy Affiliate a top program on the market. You can utilize this kind of infrastructure in you work to create a successful business online.


Those who claim that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam have not been acquainted with it or have not wanted to do it. It’s for sure a real and legit company with founders who are excited to make innovations and renewals regularly to keep the company up-to-date and the members satisfied. The community itself is an excellent example of the common spirit and of the unselfish support and assistance of others.







Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: Starter membership $0, Premium 1st month $19, Premium after 1st month $49, Premium Yearly $359

Overall rank: 98/100



If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can. If you wish you can also visit my profile and send me a private message.