Affiliate programs are arrangements in which an online merchant or advertiser pays affiliate web sites a commission for the traffic they sent to the merchants website. There are various agreements on which the fees are paid. The most common are Pay Per Sale when merchants pays a commission for every sale, Pay Per Click when commission is paid for every visitor’s click on merchants site, and Pay Per Lead when signing-up on merchants site is the cause of a What about affiliate programcommission. Affiliate programs are an easy and affordable way for merchants to sell products online and for affiliates to earn money with a website. What about affiliate marketing programs? This is the question we are now looking for right answers.




There are a huge variety of affiliate programs online, every smallest niche can find their own. There are two types of programs independent affiliate programs and affiliate networks. Independent programs have a comprehensive service. In addition to the affiliate program, all the tools, tracking, statistics and payment systems are offered to members.
The affiliate networks operates in between the publishers (affiliates) and merchants affiliate programs. Affiliate networks supplies a platform for both affiliates and merchants where they can interact. The affiliate network takes care of all payment transactions for merchants and affiliates but not any other assistance functions. One big affiliate network can include thousands of affiliate programs. Click Bank, LinkShare, Commission Junction, Share A Sale are the kind of affiliate networks to mention a few.


The simplest way to find affiliate programs is to use Google search. For example, if your’re going to promote golf equipment, write golf equipment + affiliate programs and search.


finding affiliate programs


Below is a video lesson about searching for relevant affiliate programs and how to add affiliate links on your website.


affiliate program video






Affiliate programs are agreements between affiliates and merchants (advertiser’s) who are selling products and services online. Their mutual contract is called an affiliate agreement where both participants agree the issues they are responsible for. Payout terms, commission structure, affiliate tools, terms of promotion and the way how commissions are paid are the general terms of agreement. The affiliate agreement is what the most of the merchants claims before a blogger can join to an affiliate program.
You can join almost all affiliate programs for free, but before your’re able to join your have to accept an affiliate agreement. This is usually a standard agreement that defines the obligations of both parties. It is important that your carefully review the text of the agreement as there may be obligations or agreed practices that could lead to the termination of the affiliate agreement and the possible withdrawal of any commission.


For example Amazon’s affiliate agreement called Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement requires affiliates the following steps to be taken.

  • Participant announcement on your website
  • use only proper Amazon buttons on your site
  • don’t show Amazon product price on your site
  • selling something within 180 days of joining Amazon
  • don’t cloak or redirect Amazon links

This is an example to point out that there is no reason to ignore the Affiliate Agreement because the breach of contract may indeed lead to the termination of the contract and the termination of continuous income generation.




Firstly, when choosing an affiliate program, it is important to make research of the functionality and legitimacy of the affiliate program. Because there are countless affiliate programs out there, all of them aren’t entirely reliable concerning their products, services or payment procedures. Be aware of scams.
It’s also useful to follow up commission structure, realized sales figures, and future outlook. You can find also some comparative figures about the total functionality of the product your’re promoting.



Click Bank Gravity Index
Above is an example of particular comparative figure of Click Bank affiliate network called Gravity (Grav). You find it last on the stats row. Product’s price is $47.55, commission is 48% and Gravity is 85.58. Gravity figure means how the product converts comparing with other affiliate products on the Click Bank marketplace. As a rule of thumb over 50 Gravity figures is good and the higher the figure the better.


Using of affiliate links when your promote products or services as an affiliate is the main strategy to make money with your website. There are few steps to know and put in practice to make this process working properly:

#Step 1

Sign in affiliate programs your like. As I mentioned earlier, your have to accept first the Affiliate Agreement and check it out well to avoid further difficulties. If your like to explore few popular affiliate programs and network, read my blog Making Money With A Website

#Step 2

Before your join an affiliate program, your have to write some contents ready on your website. The first and the most important thing is to write quality content, inform, help and educate your visitors and win the audience trust before your start the direct promoting and selling.

#Step 3

Inserts your affiliate link within your site content. You find your affiliate link at your affiliate program. Copy and paste it and use it as text link or image link in your posts or articles.


wa affiliate links

You can create a text link highlighting the text first and then inserting it as hyperlink on your site content. Update your content and check it viewing the post.


creating a textlink
#4Step 4

Start making money with your website. When your have informative and educating content enough and use high ranking keywords within your content, Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) are satisfied. You get Page 1 rankings and the natural traffic on your site increases enormously. Once your have your affiliate links in place your will make money through your links. It is essentially a probability calculation after that. When your get at least 1000 visitors or more per week, certain percentage of it will convert to sales, .

#Step 5

The proper using of affiliate links. Don’t overuse affiliate links in your posts. To keep Search Engines (Google,Bing, Yahoo) satisfied and your SEO rankings high use not more than 1 link for every 1000 words in post or article your publish.

Instead of using several direct links to merchants product site, your can write a great reviews of products your promote and use linking to the review when your mention the product in your content. That’s the way to centralize your linking so that it don’t affect your SEO rankings.


When looking for a suitable affiliate program, prefer an independent program that also provides comprehensive support services. In addition to the affiliate program, all the tools, tracking, statistics and payment systems and a proper online business training. It’s much more easier to start and carry on your online business when everything you need can be found at the same platform. If your’re interested to get to know that kind of affiliate program my #1 recommendation is WEALTHY AFFILIATE. For more detailed information  read my Wealthy Affiliate Reviews.


I hope your’ve enjoyed reading my blog post. I wish your can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If your have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give your any assistant or help in any way I can.