There are countless affiliate programs online. In most cases you can’t get a real idea of how they really work, are they legitimate, or are they able to offer you such affiliate tools and services you are looking? Can you find any other ways than experimenting in practice, what is a good affiliate program? The affiliate program in this context means a wider whole than an affiliate agreement what is the best affiliate programbetween a merchant and an affiliate for the promotion of certain products. In this article, I try to give you some evaluation tools and ranking factors to help you to find a decent affiliate program for your needs.


Understanding the differences between affiliate programs


Roughly dividing,  there are two types of affiliate programs, independent affiliate programs, and affiliate networks. The affiliate networks, in general, are platforms that provide a framework for merchant’s and affiliates to find one another and operate with each other. Merchants offer their products to promote and affiliates try to find the best affiliate programs to join.

The affiliate network creates technical capabilities for operations and manages centralized payment transactions and provides small support functions. This means that affiliates who want to join the Affiliate Network must master the basics of online marketing and have basic affiliate tools already in place. This isn’t a good choice for beginners.


Independent programs have a varied range of additional services to help you get the basics up and running and carry on a successful affiliate marketing. For instance, independent programs include website building, website hosting&security;, technical help&support;, domain name provider, online business training courses, community forums and so on.


In summary, it could be said that the networks are compatible with the promotion of good and well-known products. You can make affiliate agreements with the merchants of an affiliate network and get good commissions. On the other hand, you must have already created your own authority of your niche and target audience and through that a regular and high traffic to your site so that you can successfully promote the best products on the Affiliate Network. To achieve this, independent affiliate programs are the best home base and trainer for every affiliate marketer.



Legitimate programs vs Scam programs


What about the scams on internet? The biggest and most difficult problem in online business is how to avoid scams and how to eliminate them in future. Everyone has come across the scammers and paid for their frauds. How to know if the online program is legit or scam?                             scams online


There are some signs that can identify a scam program.  One sign is that scam programs never offer a free trial. A trial where you can properly get to know how the program works in practice. This is a no-no because they are likely to reveal their scams when people see the reality.


A typical scam is one that at a low price of $ 7 to 49 $ is offered a cash machine or other similar product and after you’ve paid the price you’ll find that you have to pay upsells to get the program to work. If you pay the upsells, the product proves to be one that does not fulfill all the promises given.


Other types of scams are free products designed solely to get customer contact information and with it promote all the possible stuff.  The free gift is typically an e-book with a substandard content, merely for promotional purposes.


Online scams are varied and are being developed all the time more and more cleverly. One more example I wish to show you is MLM programs which will introduce them as being “Affiliate Marketing”. MLM is multi-level marketing and it has nothing to do with affiliate marketing. In many cases, the purpose is to get the customer in with tempting promises of luxurious earnings at expensive prices. After joining you realize that to recoup your costs you have to promote the same MLM stuff  to others.


My intention is not to intimidate you about scams, but only to explain that you have to research the backgrounds of suspicious programs more closely. There are absolutely legit affiliate programs and opportunities out there. Affiliate marketing has been without its own fault in a bad reputation due to numerous scammers.Affiliate marketing is very ethical and the industry has a critical attitude towards scams. It’s a proven fact that numerous top-class international companies and brands are increasingly using affiliate marketing as one of their the most important marketing tools.


The Top 5 Affiliate Programs Ranking Factors


Different people value different services, even when talking about affiliate programs. However, there are certain services and quality criteria that affiliate marketers appreciate. Here are The Top 5 Affiliate Program Ranking Factors.affiliate program ranking

1. Legitimate Program

This includes the fact that both the company and the co-operators operate legally

2. Versatile Services

Good range of quality website tools and affiliate tools. Up-To-Date online business training, extensive help&support; and active and helpful members

3. Suitable For Beginners And More Advanced Marketers

Easy to follow training and guiding of basics and step by step course module towards more professional affiliate marketing issues. Active affiliate forums and the possibility of a personal coaching.

4. Constant Recurrance

An affiliate program that wants to be up to date and provide the industry’s best information for its members. This includes upgrading technical issues, ease of use and updating of training courses to match the current knowledge within the industry

5. Good Value For Money

All the services are worth the money you pay for them. No unclear upsells or overpricing


What is a good affiliate program?


Finding a good affiliate program or platform can’t always be easily achieved. It often happens quite coincidentally. However, a good affiliate program is important for the affiliate’s  learning and successful business.To find a good affiliate platform, you should spend a little time and effort. When it comes to finding a suitable home base that gives you a real boost to move towards your goals and dreams as an affiliate, it’s all worth the effort.


I have compiled the most important selection criteria together to make things easier to decide what is a good affiliate program for your needs. I have some experience with affiliate programs and one of them I have worked actively for a few years. In my opinion, this program fulfills most of the services that are pointed out when talking about a good affiliate platform. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, and I highly recommend it. Wealthy Affiliate offers also a Free Starter Membership that makes it possible to explore totally free of charge what this platform can offer. You can get more detailed information about it reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post. I wish you can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.