Have you ever wondered how to get more visitors to your website? Is it so that the use and the meaning of keywords within your website content have remained unclear. No worries, my purpose is to describe what is SEO Optimization,what is the SEO optimization and what is the purpose of Search Engine Optimization for creating website traffic.


What are the search engines actually? How to find keywords that are highly valued by search engines and how to implement them. These issues are to be dealt with in more detail in this article.


What Is A Search Engine


A search engine is software that lets you search for different content online (World Wide Web) When you enter a keyword into a search box of a search engine, you get a list of web content results that are matching to your search. This list is called Search Engine Result Page (SERP)


Search Engine makes it easier for all of us to search for different things and issues on the internet. It gives us detailed information, possibilities to evaluate and compare different things, for example, to make comparisons of different products as a basis for decision-making.


The most popular search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo which dominate the market. Google is the number 1. 80% of the searches are made by Google. Bing and Yahoo create together about 20 % of the market. In addition to free searching services on the internet, the search engines make their revenue selling ads on search result pages and on their partner’s websites.



What Is The SEO Optimization


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a cascade of getting a maximum quantity of traffic on a particular website using search engine results.


With Search Engine Optimization website owners try to get so high rankings as possible on search engines. The ranking criterion of all the major Search Engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo is based on different aspects but the most important criterion is what they consider most helpful and relevant for the website visitors.


Google ranking on Page 1

Search Engine Optimization helps in getting traffic from free and natural search results on search engines. For instance, when you create quality content on your site, writing blog posts, articles, and reviews, search engine ranks your content and you receive free, natural traffic on your site through high rankings.



Terminology is sometimes blurry when talking about SEO matters. What is the Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are easily intertwined? Search Engine Marketing is a process of getting traffic to a website by purchasing ads on search engines. Search Engine Optimization as earlier mentioned uses free search results.



What Is Keyword Search About



The keyword is a word or phrase that people use on search engines.  Keyword search is the occasion when you are searching content with a keyword on the Internet. Every time you make a search, you put your chosen keyword in the search box.


Google keyword search



Keyword research is doing a keyword analysis to finding keywords relevant to your website content. When you find relevant keywords with low competition (Page 1 rankings) Search Engines rank your content high and through high rankings you get continuous traffic flow.



What Is A Keyword Tool


Keyword Tools are programs or software which commit different keyword analysis. The results are based on the search engine database. You can find numerous Keyword Research Tools on the market. Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, WordStream Keyword Tool, and Jaaxy Keyword tools are a few to mention.


Keyword tools simplify search engine keyword data and offer detailed info for each keyword’s competition. There are differences between the search engines how detailed the information actually is. All of them aren’t able to offer users the best chances to find decent keywords with low competition. The core competence often disappears behind statistics, graphics and trends. I’ve tried a couple of Keyword Research Tools and finished using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. Jaaxy is my #1 recommendation.


Below is an example of what Jaaxy Keyword Tool includes and offers. If you’re interested to get more detailed info about it, read my Jaaxy Review



Jaaxy Keyword Tool


The explanations of Jaaxy keyword tool:

1. Average number of searches per month

2. Visits to your site per month when 1 Page rankings on Search Engines

3. Number of competing websites with the same keyword

4. Keyword Quality Indicator (Great-Normal-Poor)

5. A score (1-100) based on traffic and competition on, the higher the better



You can search keywords and phrases through different methods such as ‘Alphabetical soup’ and others to make a deeper analysis with your Keyword Tool. Here is a training& video of how to incorporate a proper keyword research.  Click this link





What is the SEO Optimization, what it is all about? Search Engines, SEO Optimization, Keyword Research, and Keyword Tools are packed together when we are talking about how to add visitors to a single website. To get your site ranked high on Search Engines, you have to do proper work with your keyword research.


First thing is to find a good keyword research tool that gives you the best chances to find decent keywords with low competition. After that, you start with finding keywords relevant to your business idea and the target group. You have to make consideration if the chosen keyword is appropriate for building content around it.


When you focus on finding keywords properly and focusing on creating high-quality content on your sites, you can be sure that traffic will flow to your website. That’s the logic of SEO Optimization. To utilize the SEO perfectly requires a lot of effort and ‘raw work’, but the price comes in the form of increasing natural and free traffic on your website. And it is worth it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog post. I wish you can benefit from it and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. If you have questions, comments or other feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to give you any assistant or help in any way I can.