Building a website is a crucial thing when you’re planning to start an online business. Affiliate marketing again is the easiest and cheapest way to start your work from home business online. Affiliate marketing simply means that you’re promoting not your own products, but different merchant’s products or services through your website and get a commission from every sale you make. Without a website it’s almost impossible to incorporate a successful online business. Many of us wonder if a WordPress website for affiliates is a decent solution. So is there any special need for the structure of affiliate websites?

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Websites has numerous and different uses. Blogging, writing e-books, organizing online courses, setting up membership sites, freelance writing, online marketplaces etc. That’s why there are different needs for different websites. Affiliate website is a website where affiliate marketers write blog posts, reviews, product articles and different stuff and information about what their reader’s, the audience are interested in. The main goal of the affiliate website is to promote products and services and educate the target audience and help them find answers to their questions due to they have visited on your site. An affiliate website is a kind of interactive platform between affiliates and their audience. Making money with a website is despite everything the main purpose of an affiliate website.



There are few special needs what kind of affiliate website should be. Great and suitable website themes which are relevant to their niche (=target group). It need to be numerous themes to choose from and themes that are easy to change if needed. The website structure should be such as you can customize it more what you like, not what the website builder likes. It has to be easy using while not being patronizing. You’ll need to find many plugins, easy using that are compatible with the page structure.


  what is a website builder



Wikipedia’s definition is as follows: ” Website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual code editing.” Other words a website builder is a program pr a tool that help build a website. Online website builders are normally easy using. You don’t need to download or install any software on your computer, you need only a web browser and an internet connection.





WordPress website builder is actually more than a website builder, it’s instead a content management system (CMS). WP website builder is more advanced than usual website builders and it’s very powerful within the market. So it’s smart and powerful but have a steeper learning to curve than so called “usual website builders”. It depends on mostly of the purpose and the utilization rate of your website if it is your choice. You have to put a bit more effort for training but I think it’s worth it when you are going using it as a platform for real online business, for example the affiliate marketers.


WordPress is one of the most used website builders or CMS in the world. Next graph shows it clearly.


wordpress graph


WP benefits compared other on the business are obvious. It has way more themes than others, there a huge possibilities to customize it as you wish, it’s logic and easy using when you’ve done your homework. There are a lot of more easy-to-use plugins at hand as other website builders.


All in all, WordPress is a very powerful and flexible platform. Some of the world’s largest and most popular websites are built with WordPress, but there are also very competitive versions to power smaller websites.





I’ve worked at an online business training platform called Wealthy Affiliate and they use and train using WordPress websites. Setting up a website doesn’t need any programming or other more advanced knowledge. Fully functioning website with everything you need is installed with one click. Within Wealthy Affiliate society it includes full support and help. WP website includes tens of thousands of different website themes. WP websites has easy social media integration and easy blog incorporation. WP website settings are adjusted for all mobile devices.


If you wish a simple and clear demonstration how to set up a WordPress website in few minutes totally free,( FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL) watch the following video.


Watch this video  that describes how to build a fully functional WordPress website.


How to build a website fast






When you’re running an online business such as the affiliate marketing, your most important assets are fully functioning website with everything you need to run it most successful way and of course the quality content on your site. This is the foundation of your business.



You may also watch other options than WordPress website builder, but in the long run you will survive without extra fuss when choosing the most reliable and most advanced solution at a time. I really recommend WordPress websites for affiliates and other online business owners. Of course the final decision is always up to you, but at least you can make a research and comparison between the best options on the market.


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